Hey fellow travellers!

I’m super excited because I just got back from my one week road trip down the coast of Spain from Lisbon all the way to Munich. And because this short but very exciting trip was so rewarding, I want to share some details with you, in case you want to do a similar road trip or simply want to visit those beautiful cities on their own.

Here’s a little overview from the trip we did:

Starting point: Lisbon (Portugal)

Ending point: Munich (Germany)

Duration: 7 Days

Distance: approx. 3.000 km

Cities visited: Faro (Portugal), Sevilla (Spain), Malaga (Spain), Valencia (Spain), Figueres (Spain), Lyon (France)

How? By car

Where did you stay? Hostels but mainly private rooms

Now let’s get more into detail here.


Our starting point was Lisbon as I’ve lived there for the past year. I won’t go much in detail here as I’ve done plenty of other posts about the beauty of Lisbon. You can check them out here:

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The only thing that I want to say about Lisbon is that it is a MUST! There are very little cities in Europe that I like as much. It’s got just everything, beaches, beautiful streets, delicious food, amazing people and a very chilled vibe.


Our first stop was Faro in the south of Portugal. The city itself doesn’t have much, it’s very small and you can see everything of the old town in less than an hour.

What makes Faro such a great place to visit though is the nature reserve and beaches around it.

There is a 5km walk through lagoons with beautiful birds and other wild life. It is simply stunning and definitely worth a one or two-day visit.


The second stop was Sevilla in Spain. It’s about a two-hour drive from Faro and such a vibrant city.

As it is very common for Spain life happens at night and there are plenty of delicious restaurants and bars to try out.

However not only for the night owls there’s something to find but also for us early birds. The city has a lot of beautiful sights and stunning parks. And if sightseeing isn’t your thing that you might as well just talk a walk and get impressed by the creative and decorative flair of this city.

Sevilla is my absolute highlight of this trip.


This cithy is more for those who love beach bars, luxury beach vacation and just a chilled vacation surrounded by fellow tourists.

Malaga is the new Mallorca. Pretty but just too flooded by tourists, beach bars and cruise ships.

Not much my thing but it has its charm.


Another very impressive city with lots to see. However, Valencia is much more crowded than Sevilla and sometime that can get a little annoying. Also, the old town is smaller and there is not that much to see.

But the vibe and the atmosphere is very laid back and night life is going high.

Also, a great place for all the food and wine lovers.


This was my second favourite stop on this trip.

Figueres is a very small town just before the French border. There’s not so much to see and you can walk the center within 10 minutes, but the vibe is amazing. Plenty little streets with cute cafes, bars and restaurants. Not very touristy and super delicious food.

Just a great addition and change after those big cities.


We only spent one night in Lyon and I always had my difficulties to adjust to French culture. However, the city is very gorgeous, if you stay on the right side of the river. The architecture is impressive and you’ve got that classic French flair that you know from all the movies.

It’s not a city I would stay longer, but it’s great to make a stop and spend a night and a morning with some French pastries.


My hometown. What shell I say…

I don’t know much about Munich as I was never really interested in exploring it, but from what I’ve experience and what I’ve seen within 20 years of living there is that it’s definitely worth a visit too.

Especially during summer time the parks and lakes around Munich are a great place to enjoy some summer BBQs or get some tan. In addition, Munich is one of the oldest cities in Germany with some nice sights for all those who love sightseeing.

Road trip essentials

Now before I go I want to give you some more tips on the road tripping part.


We chose to drive in average 5h a day which made it easy to finish this distance within a week. You can of course always take longer, however I found the time we spent in each city enough to say I’ve seen and experienced it.

5h driving, if you are by two, is also not that much and easy to handle.


We manly slept in hostels but always had a private room which was about the same price as two dorm beds. Hostels are very easy to find and were all good stabled and of high quality. Only in the little towns it was harder to find some and during main season I would recommend booking earlier.


With eating out three times a day, petrol and accommodation we spent about 700€ per person for the entire week. You could have spent way less if you’d eaten out less and avoided toll roads. However, I would calculate 300€ for petrol and about 20€ per person per night for accommodation.


That’s it with my road trip tips. I hope you found them helpful and in case you are heading on a trip, save travels!

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And don’t forget to come back next week for a new post!

See you soon and lots of love!


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