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If you believe it or not but it’s time for another part of the “chasing dreams” series. I hope you are excited for today lessons.

For all those who are not aware of the concept behind this “chasing dreams” series, here is what it is all about.

Every second week I share some insights into my past two weeks and share with you not only what I’ve been up to but more importantly what I’ve learned though life and everything that has happened.

I reflect on those lessons and see how they’ve helped me to become happier, healthier and closer to my dreams.

Sharing those experiences with you I hope to give you some guidance and inspiration on how you too can see those little lessons life is teaching us every day and take those opportunities as a chance to enhance change and consciousness.

Now though, without further ado, let’s get started!

9th to 23rd of August

Oh boy has that been a journey so far. I knew that my time here in South Africa would be transformational and that I would learn a lot. But I didn’t expect it to me so much, so early into this trip.

One thing I want to tell you before we get started. Such journeys of growth and transformation, the journey of finding your place on this world and creating your dream life isn’t always easy.

No sometimes it can be damn hard, frustrating and sad. There will always come times where you’ll doubt yourself or your abilities. You will need to step away and look at the bigger picture. You will need to take breaks to refocus and rediscover your why.

There will be times where you need to give up things and then there are times where you need to hold on to things.

It’s hard to figure out when to do what, but if you keep listening to your heart, if you focus on what is going on inside you and for once tell your mind to shut up and listen to what you really feel. That feeling is going to lead you the right way.

No though, here’s what I’ve learned.

Coast Line Cape Town

Happiness is a choice

Like I just mentioned, living the dream doesn’t mean you are happy 365 days of the year. There is sadness, there is struggle and disappointment. However, while you can’t stop this from happening it is within your power to choose happiness.

Happiness is nothing that comes from outside. Happiness is rooted deep within you and there is where you have to look for it.

You can be happy and sad at the same time. You can cry and still love life. Because happiness is a choice. All you need to do is choose to be happy.

That’s not an easy choice to make because sometimes your happiness is someone else’s sadness, and that’s okay. Only if you are truly happy you can also make others happy.

Just always remember your happiness is within your own hands. Choose it!

Being present is all you need

A big part of choosing happiness is being present. The past and the future are part of us, part of our life and part of who we become.

But we must let go of them in order to be happy and enjoy life.

You can’t change the past and you can’t get it back either so why holding on to it and suffer from the desire of wanting to go back.

You also can’t control the future so why obsessing too much about it.

The present moment, now, is where your focus should be.

Now is the only moment that you’ll ever have. Now is where joy is happening.

So be present, enjoy life in this moment.

Especially when you’re confused, sad or struggling, focus on the now.

The present moment doesn’t have any problems. The present moment is always amazing.

That btw. is why we are so happy on vacation cause we fully enjoy the present moment not worrying about yesterday or tomorrow. But you know you can have that feeling anywhere not only at the beach.

Byron Bay, Australia
We can make ourselves believe whatever we want to believe, no matter of it’s true or not

Our minds are strong, they are so powerful that if we keep thinking or telling ourselves one thing over and over again we start believing it. No matter if it’s how we really feel.

Knowing this can be so powerful and dangerous at the same time.

We can make ourselves believe something we really want and get closer to it, but we can also make ourselves believe something we think we want but actually don’t want and then end up being unhappy because that became our reality.

But if you are aware of how powerful your mind is then you can be more aware of what you really want too.

I know that’s not easy and I myself struggle with that sometimes. I used to believe it doesn’t matter for me whether or not I have a home and a strong circle of supporters. And I lived like that for a long time, but I realized that’s actually not what I wanted. Maybe it was back then but now it isn’t anymore. Of course, wants can change but they can also easily be confused or pushed back.

But if we stop avoiding sadness and pain, if we accept it as part of life, if we accept discomfort and struggle than we get a more objective point of view over our feelings and desires.

Only if you ignore something then you start to deny it and you start to take away something that you need.

Resisting temporary negativity is letting long term unhappiness in.

accepting it as part of life however is choosing long term happiness.

So, listen to your feelings and know it’s okay to be sad sometimes. Ask yourself is that really what I want or will I regret it later?

It’s all in your mind

One thing I love so much about surfing is that it’s such a mind thing.

Sports in general is a lot about Mindset but surfing especially.

If you paddle for a wave and then only for one second think I can’t make it, you not gonna make it.

But if you think I can make it, you will. No matter how steep or late the take-off is.

Surfing can show us the true power of Mindset and how positive thinking affects our actions and the outcome as well.

Thinking positive isn’t always easy. God no it’s damn hard sometimes. But if we slowly pay more attention to what we think in specific moments about certain things we can become aware of where and about what we think negative.

Once we know we can in and out of this situation choose to replace this negative thought with a positive one.

It won’t always work, but the more we practice and the more we believe in it the easier and more frequent it’ll get.

And once we manage that skill, nothing is impossible.


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