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If you believe it or not but it’s time for another part of the “chasing dreams” series. I hope you are excited for today lessons.

For all those who are not aware of the concept behind this “chasing dreams” series, here is what it is all about.

Every second week I share some insights into my past two weeks and share with you not only what I’ve been up to but more importantly what I’ve learned though life and everything that has happened.

I reflect on those lessons and see how they’ve helped me to become happier, healthier and closer to my dreams.

Sharing those experiences with you I hope to give you some guidance and inspiration on how you too can see those little lessons life is teaching us every day and take those opportunities as a chance to enhance change and consciousness.

Now though, without further ado, let’s get started!

23rd of August to 6th of September

Guys where shall I start? South Africa is always a blast. Ever since I got here for the first-time last year my life got turned upside down every time I was here.

I don’t know what it is with this place but it takes up my whole being every time I am here. I get challenged in ways I didn’t know were possible, I experience joy and happiness in ways I didn’t know before and I learn stuff for life!

Here I’ve been the happiest in my entire life. And at the same time here is where I had the most painful and frustrating experiences. Here I made the best memories a and the saddest. Here is where my I grow and learn the most about myself, life and this journey that I’m on.

And because South Africa touches my heart again know a way I can’t describe and again I’ve learned so much, I want you to be part of my lessons so maybe you can learn trough me and get new insights into life and the beauty that unfolds once you allow it to happen with all the good and the bad.

So here is what I’ve learned in the past 2 weeks.

Chilling is good but only to a certain degree

Because I knew that being here will use up all my intention I didn’t even try to set goals or achieve anything other than improving my surfing.

Sometimes you need that time off, that break from hustling to reconnect with your inner self, recharge properly and regain motivation and inspiration to keep going.

So, all I really did was enjoy myself, I slept in average 15h a day, surfed a lot, spent loads of time with friends and just relaxed.

It felt amazing you guys! I was never so excited to go back to work as now. I loved to chill, I loved to do nothing and I didn’t get bored because I knew this was exactly what I needed. I needed that time for myself to reconnect with my inner spirit and figure some things out. And my body needed that time to relax too and gain new energy.

But now after four weeks of energy retreat I am ready to go back! I am stronger and more motivated than ever before and I am ready to give whatever life is asking from me now.

I have new visions, new goals and new dreams about the next few months and year. And I am ready to go all in and manifest all those dreams and goals.

So yeah, chilling isn’t always bad or unproductive, sometimes it can be the best you can do to achieve your dreams.

But like everything, it’s only good so long until it gets too much. So, finding that balance here as well is key!


Fighting the urge to quit is part of the journey

Oh man, I’ve been there again! That point where I seriously thought about quitting. That point where I was three years ago when I thought over and over again if I might not should quit my studies.

I hate studying, I dislike it so much that the thought of going back home brings out the worst feelings.

I was able to design my studies very pleasant the past few years but now there’s no other way, I have to go home and I have to finish what I started.

But do I really? Why should I continue something that doesn’t bring fun or takes any part towards my future goals?

Why spending so much time on something that is not going to take me anywhere when I can spend that same time on things that are more fun and being me further?

I still don’t have an answer for that otherwise I wouldn’t think about quitting all the time just to decide not to do it.

I guess the fact that I’m so close to finishing now and the fact that it is kind of my safety pass, my worst-case insurance makes me continue even though I hate it.

But times like these, times where I am at my happiest where I am living my absolute dream make it so much harder to turn away from them and go back to something less of what I want.

However, there’s no turning back now and pushing though those urges of giving up and throwing everything overboard sometimes are part of the journey.

Like my brother said, we all have to do stuff we don’t like to get to where we want to be and if finishing my studies is the bitter pill that I have to swallow then so be it.

This too will pass and then more freedom and a life time of dreams are waiting for me.

You can’t run away from your fears

One thing I realized just a few days ago was that the whole past year I was running away from my fears. I was running away from the fear of losing something very precious. I was running away from taking a decision I wasn’t ready to take yet. And I was running away from the fact that I couldn’t control what was happening.

All my life, but especially the past two years, I was constantly faced to choose between what I wanted, what my heart wanted and what I knew was the best thing to do.

My heart wanted something that I knew I wasn’t able to get just yet. Just because of where I was at that phase of my life.

But instead of accepting that and figuring out ways how I can keep a bit of it at least while I was working toward having it all I just ran away.

I tried to escape the constant challenge of having to accept the fact that I couldn’t have what I wanted and that I don’t have power or control over that.

I am used to getting what I want because I work hard for it. I’m used to being in control and making happen whatever it is that I desire, but with this it is different. I am just not at that point in life where I have the financial and time freedom to make this happen and that sucked.

So I thought the best would be to just stop desiring it. But hey let me tell you, that doesn’t work!

You can’t run away from your fears and you most certainly can’t run away from what you desire.

You can push it so far into the last corner of your mind that it’s not present anymore. Then you can continue with your life like nothing had happened. But one day it’ll come back again. One day your fears, your desires, whatever you tried to run away from comes back in a more intense way then before.

And then you will want to regret your decision to run away.

Don’t regret it if you’re there. Regretting doesn’t change the facts and it doesn’t bring back time. Regretting doesn’t do any good.

But also stop running. Face, it rather later than never. And learn from it so you don’t run away next time.

Trust and faith is all you can do sometimes

Life is unpredictable and especially during traveling you never know what’s going to happen. Bad things can happen, you can find yourself alone in a very difficult situation, you can struggle with something or you feel heartbroken because you had to leave people or a place that you love very much.

I won’t lie, traveling is hard sometimes and so is life. There’s not always only smiles and laughter. But there always a way to see things positive.

Even if things are not going your way, even if you are disappointed, frustrated or have to accept the fact that things are not in your control, there’s always one thing you can do: trust and have faith!

Whether it is having faith in the universe sending me waves, trust that the money that I don’t have but spend here will come back, faith in my biggest dreams coming true and trust that everything will work out the way I want it to, putting this positive energy into the universe and surrender to your powerlessness over things makes you so much more powerful.

Believing in magic, having faith in the universe and trusting in the impossible being possible makes you so powerful. It gives you a light that is shining stronger than anything else. That light that results out of acceptance and surrender is consciousness and it will attract everything good.

When you can’t do anything about your situation when there’s nothing g you can do to get to where you want to be you can still believe, trust and have faith.

And when you do you will see how slowly all those things you desire, the change that you’re asking for is happening within your life and then whenever it is time, your time to shine will come.


I can just recommend you go traveling yourself and do this other kind of life audit in a more intense and life changing way than usual “at home” life audits.

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