“Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.” – Harriet Tubman

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About Happiness

What is happiness and how do we get it?

True and lasting happiness comes from living a life in balance. A life full of inner peace and positivity.

Happiness is being one with life and accepting everything as it is, embracing the struggles and setbacks as well as celebrating the good times.

It is always there even if sometimes we can’t see or feel it. That is why we can’t find happiness through something or someone. We can’t find something that is already there.

The secret to lasting happiness is to let it in. To see it within everything and everyone that is around us. Creating a positive and open environment is the foundation to let in that happiness. You need to stop thinking, stop doing, stop wanting and instead be fully present and at peace with where you are and what you have o find that inner stillness that manifests happiness.

However, while happiness can’t be found or created in that sense, there are a few things we can do to make it easier for happiness to enter. There are tools we can use and things we can take care of that contribute to that lasting happiness.

The three modalities of happiness:




The tools to happiness:

Traveling and personal growth to initiate transformation.

Chasing your dreams and taking care of your soul to keep up the excitement.

Taking care of your mind and body to be able to have the best experiences of life as it manifests all around you.

Creating your DreamLife, what does it take?

We all want to, at some point, live our dream life. But what is that exactly? What is living your dreams?!

Dreams are something fantastic, something magical, something empowering. But fulfilling them can also be very unsatisfying, exhausting, yes even depressing and energy consuming.

Having dreams is like falling in love. You never know what to expect or if it’s going to be the way you want it to be or not. You contribute all your energy, faith and time in making them come true. But you never know what you’ll get back. Nevertheless, dreams and happiness are inseparable and interconnected.

Finding inner peace and maintain it at all times is your inner most purpose in life. It’s why you came to be. You are here to enjoy life, to love it and to live it in full excitement.

Your dreams are your outer purpose. They are how you choose to bring that joy of life into this world. Your dreams are the actions you take to make this world a happier place.

That is why it is so important to not only have them but to do everything in your power to make them come true.

Dreams are something very individual and they can vary from person to person. My dreams don’t have to be yours. But no matter how different our goals, dreams and imaginations of our future are, they all have something in common. They are how you give back.

So, you can say, living your dream life consist of only one thing: Balance.

Balance between working towards your dreams and goal which is aiming for growth, and enjoying life in the present moment, which is being happy with what you have and finding inner peace within it.

It is waking up with a smile every day at peace with where you currently are and keen on getting to experience what life has in store for you. In the meantime, take effective action towards improvement in all areas of your life and create a supporting and uplifting environment to pursuit your dreams and create happiness on this earth.

So that means, if you want to live your dream life, you must dream big and aim high and take action but also start to make the Now focus of your life and see the happiness that is always there.

And that’s why I am here. To help you see the happiness in every day.

To create the life, you want and manifest your goals you need a few things.

  1. The requirements: You need to know who you are and what you want and how your DreamLife should look like
  2. The actions: You need to become productive (find your own hustle/joy balance), change Mindset (adapt positive thinking), overcome habits and beliefs that are limiting yourself, create supportive environment (find people to talk to, inspire, support)
  3. The tools: Dreaming for creating positivity, Goal setting for strategy and taking action, Living for excitement, experience and transformation
Dreaming for creating positivity

“What you think you become, what you feel you attract, what you imagine you create.”

Dreaming is manifesting is creating your reality! That is why dreaming is so important.

To dream means to create positive affirmations around yourself and your goals. That in return generates positive energy and momentum which helps you to manifest those goals and make them become your reality. 

Dreaming is creating a positive Mindset around your dream, it is creating the belief your dreams can become real!

Dreaming is believing!

Though why is it so important to believe and have a positive Mindset towards your goals?

Positivity and negativity are energy waves which flow on different frequencies. Like it is with all energy frequencies, one can’t just get transmitted to a different energy frequency. 

That means that you can’t just create something negative out of a wave of positive energy. But it in contrary means also, you can’t create anything positive out of negativity.

That is why it is so important to think positive towards your goals, yourself and life because otherwise you pollute yourself and your life with negativity. And your dreams will not come true as they are full of positive, loving energy that can’t result out of negativity.

If you think negative you will create negativity. If you think positive you will create positivity and happiness. You create what you imagine.

So, to create that life full of happiness and to manifest your dreams you need to first get in a positive Mindset.

Goal setting for strategy and taking action

Or mind is so powerful. Your thinking is so powerful. Your reality is made out of our thoughts, mind patterns that got generated through our past and that we repetitively think over and over again.

Almost all of our thoughts we are thinking every day are the same we thought yesterday and the day before. Our thoughts are patterns, beliefs we took on when we were younger. Beliefs we go thought by society, by our parents and by our own experiences.

However, because we mainly think the same thoughts over and over again it can become super destructive and a threat to your happiness and goal achieving if those thoughts are negative and limiting beliefs.

That is why we need to take action and set goals not only towards making our dreams come true, but also towards changing those negative mind patterns that stand in our way towards happiness.

Living for excitement, experience and transformation

How to chase your dreams with me?

I’m not here to tell you, what you should change or do better. Even if I wanted, I couldn’t. We all are different and what works for me might not work for you.

My goal is to inspire you. My goal is to show you that it is possible to combine living and achieving. I want to point out how important it is to look after ourselves and do what we really want. To enjoy life in every moment. My aim is to highlight the importance of loving life in order to become the greatest version of ourselves and be truly happy.

Take every opportunity to be present and enjoy life to its fullest.

Dreams are nothing inaccessible. They can come true, if we are one with the universe, if we use its flow of energy to our advantage and  have faith in our capability to do whatever it takes to make them become reality.

Maybe it is risky to follow your dreams. And it will for sure take some time, energy and work. Yes, maybe you will even hit a brick wall, you will struggle, want to give up or doubt the way you’ve been going so far.

But as long as you enjoy the present moment and are at peace with what you do, you will be happy and you will have achieved. You will have your best life.

My intention with “Tara Fischer” is to inspire people and to show them what a great adventure it can be to follow your dreams. It is my aim to remind everyone that it is possible to make your dreams come true and live a happy life, which you love, enjoying being alive.

There is no excuse for not living life happy. It is just a matter of positivity and consciousness.


Follow your passion, be prepared to work hard and sacrifice, and, above all, don’t let anyone limit your dreams. – Donovan Bailey

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