Hallo there!

It’s good to see you.

I quickly want to introduce myself (in case you don’t know me already) and give you a few hints about the person behind this blog.

Profilfoto tara fischer 298x300 - About Me

Hi, my name is Tara and I’m stoked to get to know you.

I grew up in Germany and I love traveling, food and being active. Surfing is my passion but at home, doing heavy weight training and following a healthy lifestyle is, what keeps me fit.

A few years ago, I also discovered the joy of self-development, writing, filming and photography and practice it ever since.

My goal in life is to create a life full of happiness where I am able to chase my dreams and make the world a happier and healthier place.

I think there’s nothing more awesome than life itself and I made it my goal to spread this stoke all across the world and help people to also follow their dreams and create the lives they want.

Here is what keeps me inspired

  • Reading and listening to Podcasts
  • Being Active
  • Traveling
  • People
  • The power of the impossible

I also want you to get to know me better, so here are some of

My current passions and obsessions:

  • Creating
  • The Ocean (always)
  • Banana with almond butter
  • The number 3
  • The Present

Since I can remember I loved helping people. One of my friends once said: “Tara why don’t you become a psychologist? You just always know the right thing to say and give the best advices.”. Well, I’m not a psychologist and I never wanted to be one, but I still want to help people and make the world a better place.

Throughout the last years, I’ve experienced some great growth. Most of it came through traveling and starting a business. I just admire the power of stepping out of your comfort zone and taking on new challenges.

My main motivation in life is to challenge myself to get better every single day. No matter in which area of my life, I’m always setting myself up for a challenge. I just love setting goals and dedicate all my energy and time to making them happen. I love working hard and learning new things. It’s what keeps me going.

I truly belief you can reach everything you want, if you’re dedicated enough and stick to it.

While I’m working towards a better me every day, I thought it would be a great opportunity to take you on my journey of building a life full of happiness and help you with creating your dream life too.

In sharing my experiences, success and struggles I see a huge benefit for everyone with an aspiration of improvement to make their dreams come true. You can always learn from others experiences and take them as inspiration for your own life. That’s why I’m here.

Also, I can’t withhold the joy of surfing and traveling to anyone. So I’m taking you with me on my journey around the world. You gadda see yourself, how exciting and life-changing those two things are.

Lastly, I’d love to connect with you on my Social Media, so we can both inspire each other in many more ways. So please visit on Instagram or Facebook and say Hi!


P.S: As I am German, English is not my native language and therefore it is very possible, for you to find some mistakes here and then. Even though I try my best to avoid them and write in the best English I possible. However, I hope you understand everything and enjoy reading ;). And in case you want to know more about, why I decided to create a blog, click here.