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I quickly want to tell you the story of why I decided to create this blog and what it is about.

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Stockholm, Sweden

From a Travel Blog to a “Guide to Happiness”

I’ve always loved writing and kept my memories in a travel diary since I was 13 years old. When I went on my world trip in 2015 I started blogging to keep my friends and family up-to-date and let them be part of my adventures. I also loved the idea of having something to read over and over again,

It was so fun writing about all the experiences and great moments I had.

However, the longer I was traveling and the more people I’ve met, the more I wished I would have written the blog in English. (I’m from Germany and therefore started it in German) I wanted my new friends to be also able to understand it and see what I was up to.

Back home I started studying but I really missed traveling and writing about things that mattered to me. As I said, it turned out to be a very fun thing.

I thought hard about how to change this.

It’s always been a pleasure for me to learn new things and I’ve always liked to share my knowledge with others. Also, when I was in 8th grade, one of my best friends once said: “Tara, you should become a psychologist. You just always know the right thing to say and the best advice to give.” But becoming a psychologist was not what I had in my mind for my future. Although I must admit I really love helping or better say inspire. It gives me such a satisfaction. It makes me happy to make other people happy.

I really love to observe and analyse behaviour, thoughts and actions. It’s something me and my friends would do for fun. We sit there in the park and just look at people imagining what they’re thinking. I also used the traits I recognised within other people to observe myself and work on my flaws and insecurities to get a better me. I just can’t life without a good challenge.

Through my search for a way to get back the stoke of traveling and writing, I figured I could combine my interest in growth and self-development and helping people with my passion of traveling and surfing trough writing.

This time, to reach more people and include all my friends, I decided to write it in English.

“Tara Fischer” is about creating a life full of happiness and keeping the balance between joy and obligations.
It is about proximity between you and your passions, between people, between you and me.

It is about positivity. See the good things in life. Experiencing the joy of traveling the world, following your ambitions, enjoying life and everything that comes with it.

It is about creativity. Following your dreams and living a life full of goals and inspiration.

It is about authenticity. Be who you are with all your flaws and insecurities. Be confident about yourself and your goals. Stay true to yourself and others.

It is about growth of body and mind. Learning and aiming to become a bit better every day.


So, this is where we are now. Stay tuned and let’s work on that happy life.

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