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Think outside the box!

Ready to drop your views on life and take on a new perspective that is more aligned with who you are?
Every day I challenge myself to think outside the box, to question common beliefs, to think beyond my present paradigm and to reframe my picture of this world. And I invite you to join me and get a look inside my head. Explore my blog to discover tips, tricks and inspiration on all things well-being, including the five facets of change I use in my coaching.
On my blog, I focus in depth on the tools, techniques and strategies I use my coaching and give you inspiration and knowledge on: Building (self-) awareness and practicing self-development, achieving and improving your goal setting and time management, establishing mental and physical health through Mindset and Mindfulness and using traveling as tool to trigger excitement, experience and transformation.
I hope you enjoy the insight into my thoughts and all thee free advice and support you get here.

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Let's See!

Every DreamLife starts with awareness, increasing performance starts with awareness. You need to know what it is that you want and what needs to be done to get there. Here you learn to find clarity, self-awareness and use this awareness to practice self-development and become a higher self.

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Let's Crush it!

Performance happens on many levels and one of them is your goal setting and productivity. You need to get rid of those time consumers, set goals that help you move forward and generate momentum. Here you learn to take action, prioritize and become more productive. In this section of the blog I share a lot of my experiences on how to achieve in a mindful and sustainable way.

Let's Grow!

Mindset and performance are like brother and sister. You can’t perform at your best if you are not in a good Mindset, you also can’t choose happiness if you are in a bad Mindset. Only by working on constantly adapting a positive, growth oriented Mindset you can boost performance and happiness. Here you learn to think positive, adapt a growth Mindset and reframe limiting beliefs and thought patterns that are in your way of being happy and achieving your goals. ​

Let's Live!

Happiness is about living in balance. Whether that is between what you do and not do, what you eat and not eat or how you approach life in general. You need to give yourself permission to take breaks, learn to push when it’s needed, forgive yourself for mistakes and be patient on this journey.
Here you learn all about how to live, think and act mindful, get inspiration on how to practice self-love and self-care and learn to keep a balance between hustling and living. ​

Let's be Well!

Physical health is fundamental for better performance. Only if you are healthy and in good fitness you can give what it takes to create and experience your DreamLife and increase happiness. Here you learn everything that is needed to get in shape, adapt a healthy nutrition and increase performance through sleep, recovery and fitness. ​

Let's Travel!

Traveling is the one of the most amazing things that has ever happened to me. It helped me see and apprechiate the beauty and bliss that is out there, challenged me personally and opened my mind for new perspectives.  Now I want to bring it closer to you through sharing my knowledge and my experiences. So tune in and get transformed.

life coaching tara fischer
Let's be Surf!

Surfing is my love, my passion, my everything. It’s my sanctury, my church, my way to be mindful, to apprechiate, to have fun, to recharge. Surfing is benefitial in so many ways and because it is something I am so passionate about and the foundation of everything I’m doing I want to share the stoke of this wonderful activity with you and at the same time educate about sustainability since I am devoted to protect what I love.

life coaching tara fischer
Let's Connect!

I love connecting with likeminded people. I love interaction and engagement. That is why here I provide a space for inspiration, stories and motivation. This category is where you can find personal stories about my life, by growth journey, here’s where you can see me first hand chasing my dreams and get inspired to do the same!

Let's be Sustainable!

This earth, the ocean, nature. All those things contribute so much to my overall well-being, health and happiness that I can’t other than protect it. In everything I do I promote not only a happy and healthy but also eco-friendly lifestyle. So here is a space where I share insight, tips and knowledge about all things sustainable living.

Stay stoked! And live beyond limitations

The goal is simple: To make the DreamLife available to everyone and empower people to live a more exciting and adventurous life. An extraordinary life.  

My mission is to enable people to gain emotional, mental and physical freedom by thinking outside the box and finding new ways of living life and thus empower them to create a life they don’t need a vacation from, a life that is exciting, adventurous and extraordinary. I challenge you to step out of your comfort zone and help you make positive change towards happiness and success sustainable and lasting. And thus, enable you to live a more intentional, more balanced and more blissful life

Change starts with each one of us being happy and successful in what we do and how we live our lives. That is why I aim to enable ambitious females to experience a sustainable transformation towards more purpose, more positivity and more freedom – an experience of infinite possibilities and a life without limitations, through challenging the norm and doing things differently.

It is about creating a life full of adventure and dreams and the experience of true potential. My mission is to give people a better experience of life and enable them to make holistic, lasting change towards more joy and momentum by triggering transformation, boosting excitement and improving performance.

I help ambitious, enthusiastic, high achieving women to find their purpose, master their mind, nurture their soul and achieve their goals and thus gain emotional, metal and physical freedom to live a life they don’t need a vacation from. I do this through, coaching them on mindset, mindfulness and strategy. Unlike other coaches, I focus on empowering instead of teaching (you come up with the answer, I am NOT telling you what to do), am fully ICF accredited and make proximity between you and me key.

Through coaching and mentoring I help you to make holistic, lasting change towards more joy and momentum, increase your performance, maximize excitement and experience in and of life, increase potential and trigger transformation within yourself and all areas of your life. Hereby I focus on what I call the five facets of change: Awareness, Mindset, Strategy and Accountability, Mindfulness and Health.

This holistic approach helps you to create personal and professional freedom, unlock your potential, become a better self, maximize your mental and physical health, align your goals, dreams and lifestyle, find lasting happiness and start living a life full of meaning and purpose – a life full of happiness.

Through my blog, products and coaching programs I provide an authentic and uplifting environment, where proximity between each other is key. I give you a place to turn to and find the support, guidance and motivation you need to unlock your potential and create the life you’ve always imagined for yourself.

So, go out there and get stoked, create a life full of happiness from within and without, and live beyond limitations!

I love you. You know, that right?!

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“Happiness is NOW.”