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Think outside the box!

Ready to drop your views on life and take on a new perspective that is more aligned with who you are?
Every day I challenge myself to think outside the box, to question common beliefs, to think beyond my present paradigm and to reframe my picture of this world. And I invite you to join me and get a look inside my head. Explore my blog to discover tips, tricks and inspiration on all things well-being, including the five facets of change I use in my mentoring.
On my blog, I focus in depth on the tools, techniques and strategies I use my coaching and give you inspiration and knowledge on: Building (self-) awareness and practicing self-development, achieving and improving your goal setting and time management, establishing mental and physical health through Mindset and Mindfulness and using traveling as tool to trigger excitement, experience and transformation.
I hope you enjoy the insight on my blog and all thee free advice and support you get here.

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Let's Do It!

Life is there to be lived! It’s a journey we all need to go on. But it is within out power to decide whether that journey is hard or fun and easy. This section of the blog is all about The DreamLife Journey. I provide any help I can too all of you through my Q&A series “Dear Tara”, share my most valuable lessons in “Chasing Dreams” and tell you all about the solutions I use to create the life of my dreams.

Let's Live!

Every DreamLife starts with a purpose. Living a fulfilled life is all about starting with why, knowing who you are and what matters most to you, filling your life with excitement and creativity, working towards personal improvement and becoming the best version of yourself and lastly to create a life in freedom and design it according to your means. All that you will learn in this section of the blog.

Let's Grow!

Mindset and living your dream are like brother and sister. You can’t enjoy life or show up in your best form if you are not in a good Mindset, you also can’t choose happiness if your mind is off. Mindset plays a huge role when it comse to motivation too. Only by working on constantly adapting a positive, growth oriented Mindset you can boost performance and happiness. Here you learn to think positive, adapt a success Mindset and become resilient. You learn how to reframe limiting beliefs and thought patterns that are in your way of being happy and achieving your goals. ​

Let's Be!

Living the dream starts with falling in love with all the porential that is out there. But in order for that to happen you have to be present. You have to start living in balance. You need to find alignment with yourself, life and the universe, you have to choose happiness on a daily basis and you have to learn to live with the flow. Here you learn all about how to live, think and act mindful, get inspiration to find new alignment, trust, surrender and get in the zone while at the same time learning how to keep a balance between hustling and living. ​

life coaching tara fischer
Let's Crush it!

If you want to make it happen but still have time to live, productivity is key. Productivity entails many things, from goal setting ofer time management to best performance. You need to get rid of those time consumers, set goals that help you move forward and generate momentum. Here you learn to take action, prioritize and build better habits and routins. In this section of the blog I share a lot of my experiences on how to achieve in a mindful and sustainable way.

Let's be Well!

Health on all levels, mentally, phyiscally and spiritually is crutial to be able to live life to the fullest and show up as your best self. Here you learn everything you need about holistic wellbeing, from taking care of your mental health through self-love, getting physically healthy through exercise and nutrition and lastly to nurture our soul through contribution, connection and spirituality so that you can not only make the dream come true but also enjoy it!

Let's Travel!

Traveling is the one of the most amazing things that has ever happened to me. In many ways it contributes to designing your DreamLife. It helped me see and apprechiate the beauty and bliss that is out there, challenged me personally and opened my mind for new perspectives. Traveling teaches you all you need to know about life. That is why I want to bring it closer to you through sharing my knowledge and my experiences. So tune in and get transformed.

life coaching tara fischer
Let's be Surf!

Surfing is my love, my passion, my everything. It’s my sanctury, my church, my way to be mindful, to apprechiate, to have fun, to recharge. Surfing is benefitial in so many ways and because it is something I am so passionate about and the foundation of everything I’m doing I want to share the stoke of this wonderful activity with you and at the same time educate about sustainability since I am devoted to protect what I love. Don’t miss this section of the blog!

Let's be Sustainable!

This earth, the ocean, nature. All those things contribute so much to my overall well-being, health and happiness that I can’t other than protect it. In everything I do I promote not only a happy and healthy but also eco-friendly lifestyle. So here is a space where I share insight, tips and knowledge about all things sustainable living.

life coaching tara fischer
Let's Connect!

I love connecting with likeminded people. I love interaction and engagement. That is why here I provide a space for inspiration, stories and motivation. This category is where you can find personal stories about my life, by growth journey, here’s where you can see me first hand chasing my dreams and get inspired to do the same!

Stay stoked! And live beyond limitations

I believe that change starts with each one of us being happy and successful in what we do and how we live our lives. I believe life doesn’t happen to us, but we create the life and reality we experience.
I am constantly focused on making this world a better, happier place to live in.
I believe in the extraordinary, not the ordinary.
I believe we all deserve to be happy, healthy and having the best, most wonderful experience of life and so I focus on establishing balance and positivity in everything I do.
I believe that dream lives aren’t fluke or coincident, they are created through believing in the impossible being possible and showing up with constant commitment, dedication and action.
I dedicated my life to transform, empower and excite, and settle for nothing less than extraordinary.

So, go out there and get stoked, create a life full of bliss from within and without, and live beyond limitations!

I love you. You know, that right?!

All content on this blog and website is exclusively created for the Tara Fischer blog. There’s a lot of work behind every page and I am happy to bring joy and share it with everyone.
However, I ask you to not copy the content on this site without permission or without noting its origin on your post. Be aware of violating the law of privacy and copyright if you do.

A huge THANK YOU for your interest in my journey and my services. I appreciate you more than you can imagine and I am beyond grateful to be able to connect with you.

“Happiness is NOW.”