Let’s be Well!​

Mind. Body. Soul.

I believe in the connection of mind, body and soul. Which means how we feel inside our body will project onto our mind and our soul and thus it is super important to take care of ourselves, our health and our bodies.

Mind, body and soul are connected and in order to live our best lives and be happy we need to take care of each single one of them. We need to take care of or body in a nuturing and loving way so we feel energized, healthy and are able to perform in the best possible way. We need to take care of our mind because ultimately it is the strongest power have and at the same time the greatest threat we face. Our mind is strong, it impacts the way we feel and see the world. So if it is not healthy we will not be able to show up in the best way we can and we will not be as happy as we could. And lastly, we need to take care of your soul, because if there is no fulfilment, nothing that exites us, we will not be able to utilize our true potential.

A mindful way of living and the ability to perform at your best and experience life in all its beauty is not only taking care about soul and mind but also taking care of your body.
Only if you are in good physical shape and healthy enough you can really experience life with everything it has in store for you. There is a whole science about how to live healthy and maximize your performance.
And as a graduated sports scientist I want to help you establish a healthier lifestyle and build awareness around how you can improve sleep, exercise, nutrition and recovery to get the most benefit for your overall way of living and achieving. So, let’s be well!

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When it comes to happiness and holistic well-being as well as best performance towards your goals, dreams and life, we need to be physically in shape. That includes sleep, recovery, exercise, Mindset and nutrition. In this section, you can find some amazing healthy, fast cook recipes that will boost your health to the next level. We will also explore everything related to health and fitness. For extra inspiration on healthy recipes you’ll find it here.

Physical health and performance are so deeply connected, you could refer to them as one. Being healthy and nurtured and feeling good inside and outside is crucial for a positive, joyful experience of life and being able to show up as the best, most authentic you.
Without proper health, without enough sleep, fuelling your body with nutritious foods and maintaining a good overall fitness you won’t be able to give what it takes to create your dream life or increase happiness in it.

Mental health matters, because what we think is how we feel and how we feel defines our actions and thus the results we experience. We create what we imagine and if our mind is in a bad place, negativity will be manifested. However if it is in a good place our experience of life will be greatly enhanced to a degree we could never imagine being possible. All the motivation, drive, resilience and feeling of success and happiness comes from with. So we need to take care of that space to utilize it’s full power. When I talk about mental heath what I most refer to is Self-Love because to me this is the foundation of all mental health.

Spiritual health matters too. If there is fulfilment, meaning and purpose in our lives, if we have excitement and bliss in every day, struggles, challenges and setbacks are so much easier to cope with. If our soul is happy, we are happy and we are able to show up in the best way we can, contributing to making this world a better place to live in. When I speak about spiritual health that consist of everything around high vibration living, excitement and connection. Being excited means being motivated and inspired to do something. Excitement in life is important because it gives something incredible to your life. It gives your life purpose, you something to look forward to, a reason to do things, a component that is more than just for the sake of it. Excitement gives you drive it gives you a feeling of completion, satisfaction and reward. If you include more excitement into your life everything will be just so much better, you will perform better, feel better and your relationships will get better.


PS, ready to be healthy?

I promote high vibration living. I inspire to learn grow and change something in your life. I teach and educate about all things holistic wellbeing, inspire and motivate to live, create and sustain ones DreamLife and promote a value based, meaningful and openminded way of living as foundering for a fulfilled and happy life, spreading love and positivity.

So if you are ready to live your DreamLife, reach out and let’s do it!

I love you. You know, that right?!

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“Being physically fit means being able to perform at your best.”

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