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I believe in starting with why. I believe a life lived with purpose is a better life. I believe knowing your why is the first step towards the life you want.

Past research has found positive links between happiness and various aspects of religiousness, which means that having a purpose which is what gives your life meaning, your actions meaning contributes to having a better experience of life. Living a more fulfilled life will make you happier, more willing to contribute, it will improve your relationships with yourself and others. Purpose in life is essential for a feeling of self-worth, of belonging, of direction. And ultimately a life without purpose is not a life worth living. At least in my eyes.

This section of the blog you will learn everything about finding your purpose, creating your DreamLife, engaging in personal development that will help you not only to make dreams come true but also become the best version of yourself. And lastly I will teach you all I know about manifesting the life you want. So, let’s start living!

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A bit about this section

Living a fulfilled life starts with three things. First, knowing your why. Second, designing the life you want. And third, becoming the best version of yourself!

1. Purpose & Why

Having a why is the most powerful thing you can have if you want to be happy and successful in life. Having a why helps you to be committed, it motivates you, it keeps you on track and focused, it helps you deal with failures and reminds you of what really matters. Everyone has a couple whys for each goal and area of their lives. Some are stronger some are not. However, it’s important to remind yourself of them frequently. If the why is something you can have, give yourself access of it every once in a whole to get a taste of what you are doing this for.

2. Lifestyle Design & Manifestation

Lifestyle design refers to the ability to design your life as you want it. To live a lifestyle that meets your values that makes you feel blissful and fulfilled, excited and thrilled. A lifestyle that you don’t need a vacation from one that gives you the best most amazing experience of life. Lifestyle design is actually pretty easy but it requires a few things to work. You need to have a vision of how it should look like. Visions in general are pretty amazing also for making you more fulfilled. You need to know your values and you need to understand what you want and don’t want in life aka you need to know something about yourself and how your life should look like. And lastly you need freedom. Freedom broadly speaking refers to having a choice. To be able to do what you want where you want and when you want. Freedom can show up in many different ways emotional freedom physical freedom spiritual freedom. We need to be free and feel free to design life the way we want 

4. Personal Development

Self-development is the act of moving past your current paradigm and overcoming limiting beliefs, habits and patterns that keep you away from living the life you imagine for yourself, being the best version of yourself and showing up in your most unique, most authentic way. Self-Development happens on an inter and an intra personal level. It manly happens inside of you, through yourself, through awareness that you gained about your current or past state and which you want to move past through conscious action and goal setting, effort and dedication. But it also happens in an interpersonal level as you get inspired by what to work on through other people, through admiring, looking up to someone and detecting traits you want to implement yourself, or through becoming more aware of your behaviour around or with other people or maybe even through them helping you get this awareness. No matter the reason that implemented self-development or helps you to practice it in a more intentional, it is crucial for you to work on yourself not because you need to be more perfect, but to unlock that magic that is inside of you.

PS, ready to find your purpose?

I help people who are stuck, get unstuck and create momentum towards the live they love. I help them gain mental, emotional and physical freedom so they can become the person they want to be, achieve their goals and create a life they don’t need a vacation from. I transform people, unlock potential, improve experience, boost excitement and improve performance. I create opportunities for change, bliss and holistic wellbeing in all areas of their lives while at the same time helping them be successful, mindful and happy. (The roots of discontent are internal and each person needs to untangle them with their own power (and I am here to help them))

So if you are ready to live more intentional and more balanced, reach out and let’s do it!

I love you. You know, that right?!

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“It all starts with knowing. Knowing who you are, knowing what you want and knowing where you want to go.”