Let’s be Happy!​

Nurture your soul.

I believe every day is a new opportunity for us to take the first step towards letting go, choosing happiness, steppint out of our comfort zone and discovering new ways of living life. And that first step starts with being present.

Mindfulness is a deep state of present moment awarness. It is proven to not only reduce stress and anxiety but also have an overall positive impact on your experience of life.  Mindfulness can be practiced in many different ways and is an on going journey. You need to be mindful and take care of your mind and body to be able to have the best experiences of life as it manifests all around you. Living and enjoying life happens in the present moment and to be able to really find happiness you have to allow yourself to be present and mindful to prevent missing out on living life and grateful for this life you get to experience.

In this section of the blog you will learn everything about being and living mindfully. You will learn what it means to be aligned with yourself, life and the universe, how to have true amazing connections, choose happiness and joy and lastly how to find balance and follow your gut. So, let’s start being!

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About this section:

This section is all about Mindfulness and Happiness. Happiness is the state of mind that you are in when you have the optimal experience of life, when you are content and one with the present moment. Mindfulness in general means to nurture your soul, body and mind, to be present and fully here which in return contributes to happiness. Mindfulness happens on three levels:

1. On a mental level

Mentally speaking mindfulness is about being conscious and aware of what is going on inside and outside of you. It is about being in full alignment with who you are and where you are at, it means trusting and believing in yourself and your life so you can manifest your dreams. It’s about having your focus and putting your mental energy to the right place, drawing it of your away from past and future and giving up waiting as a state of mind as well as worry, fear, doubt and insecurity.
It is about finding contentment in the present moment, which means you stop wanting things to be different then they are, you stop trying to force things and instead let them happen through putting positive mental energy towards those things. It also allows you to accept the path you are going down and embrace what has happened, is happening or will happen – good and bad – as part of the progress you make on this journey. And lastly it helps you to trust and have faith in everything working out the way it’s supposed to be and on you being able to deal with what is coming your way. The mental part of mindfulness is also about the experience of flow, which is the ultimate foundation for happiness. It refers back to being one with whatever you do right now and engaging in activities that stretch your mind and body to its limits so you can expand and fully immerse in the present moment. Mental Mindfulness is very interconnected with the Mindset work. Like a positive, growth oriented Mindset a mindful Mindset gives you the strength, confidence and trust you need to manifest your dream life as you deserve it.

2. On a physical level

On a physical level mindfulness is all about intuitive living, living life in balance and exploring what is out there. refers to how you act and live life. A mindful approach to living allows you to slow down – even in busy times – and take in this awesome life that is happening right in front of you. It is all about living healthy, taking care of your body and your environment. Treating yourself and others in a loving and Kind way and also allowing yourself to feel what you feel, to do what you need and give to others so you can receive. It’s about listening to your body and giving it what it asks, pushing when it’s time to push and taking breaks when it’s time to take breaks. Mindfulness is key to enjoying life and you need to enjoy life fully to experience and feel this happiness that you are seeking. Living mindful – against what many people think – does not collude with hustling and achieving your goals. In contrary, hustling in a mindful way should be everyone’s goal as this is the only, sustainable way to achieve your goals without losing your mind or suffering a burnout.
Choosing to achieve your goals in a mindful way is surrounding to this journey, giving yourself permission to chase your dreams but also to take breaks from hustling when you need them so you can come back more motivated and focused than before. It is being patient with yourself while you are working hard to make your dreams come true and it is forgiving yourself for mistakes you made along this path and for not always living up to your expectations. It is allowing yourself to be happy while you work for more happiness.

2. On a spiritual level

Mindfulness spiritually is all about happiness (also referred to as the bliss of the present moment). It means to be fully here in the now. Being spiritually more mindful and nurturing your soul means to let patience, permission and forgivness guide you. It allows you to find happiness and peace within the present, within where you are. It is all about surrendering to what is and knowing that “this is it”. It is about finding the connectin with yourself and keeping your soul open for all the beauty this world has to offer. Spiritual mindfulness is the key to lasting happiness. It is when you are fully enjoying life, non judgmentally open to everything that comes and goes and seeking happiness not externally but internally. It is also about living life to the fullest, having fun and enjoying life with all ups and downs.

PS, ready to nurture your soul?

I believe there’s good in everything and with the right attitude and approaches, even the hardest problems can be solved and the darkest times be overcome. True lasting happiness and the feeling of success emerges out of believing in yourself, putting in the effort, being present and living life in balance.

I’m here to spread love and positivity and make sure we all stay stoked on life and make the world a happier and healthier place to live in.

So if you are ready to be happy and healthy, reach out and let’s do it!

I love you. You know, that right?!

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