Let’s Surf!​

& Protect what you Love.

When I go out there into the world I want to share with people the bliss and joy I experienced in my childhood, in my life. I want to show them the fun and love surfing gave me from when I was a child. I want to get them stoked on this activity that has and continues to  give me so much.

Surf around the world, experience what it is like to live a mermaid lifestyle and protect the environment and its most precious gift: the waves.

Surfing is the most wonderful way to practice Mindfulness. It is a beautiful way to connect with nature and be totally at one with your environment. Sport in general is said to be a great enhancer of positivity and mental health, but surfing especially can teach you amazing practices that, if included in our everyday life, can help us trigger transformation and excitement as well as up our performance.

Surfing is my absolute passion. The fuel that drives my wanderlust. The inspiration and motivation to travel the world. And by implementing this little space around my passion onto this page I want to bring some of the joy surfing gives me to you. Surfing is my happiness. My everything. I dedicated my life to protect its source, the ocean. Nature is a big part of surfing and I made it my mission to protect what I love and share it’s bliss with everyone interested.

So, let’s experience the beauty of the ocean. The beauty of nature and the power of pursuing your passion.

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In this category of my blog you can expect all things surfing. From stories, tips, tricks and little insight into a surfers life. You also get stoked to learn and improve your surfing inside and outside the water whilest getting motivated to take care of the environment and work towards more sustainability on this planet.

Ocean and Nature

Nature is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever experienced. The life, the essence that is within every thing around you. Nature shows you what is possible, what really matters and what being happy truly means! Nature is a wonderful teacher too, if we just start to look around and take it all in we can learn so much from what’s around us. Nature is life itself and life can teach us about ourselves, about happiness, pain, struggle, growth and belonging. Nature can teach that too! It can help us reflect and put things into perspective. When I’m nature time stands still, nothing else matters than here and now! We become one with all that is around us, we start to let go of the thought, the pressure and the doing and return to being. We become one with the plants, the trees, the water, the air. We let it fill us up with joy and positive energy. Nature helps us to disconnect from the world and reconnect with ourselves which then helps us introduce change and bliss where needed. 

Surf Lifestyle

Surfing is so much more than just a sport, it is a lifestyle. Surfing has been an escape and life changer for many people by now and it continues to bring joy, bliss and transformation to all kinds of people. Discover all it has to offer and what it takes to make the surf lifestyle part of your life here.

Adventure & Adrinaline

Life is an adventure! We human beings are designed to seek and live adventure! We need change, excitement and adrenaline to feel blissful! We need that kick to feel alive to remind us of our purpose to trigger passion and intention. We are meant to explore and discover. To give in to curiosity and the need for new and unknown! It can be scary but exciting at the same time. No life is worth living without at least a tiny bit of adventure. Adventure looks different for everybody but on it’s Essenze it is unknown, unfamiliar and exciting. It’s about doing something you’ve never done before, getting out there and discovering unknown ground. Learning and being curious about life, yourself and others. Adventure is about finding new and seeking new on a daily basis. To challenge the norm and push for change. Adventure means not knowing and being okay with it! It means to be brave and go out there in to the unknown! Adventure holds space for bliss to enter, for yourself to grow and transform, for life to change and for beauty to become part of the present moment. Without adventure we’d get bored, it brings true excitement and thrill of anticipation. Adventures don’t have to be big. In fact they for habe to be anything. Sometimes adventure is just an attitude we take on. A curious, open and non judgmental mindset towards life. Then life it self becomes an adventure and holds space for limitless potential to surprise us and for us to design life the way we want it to. So I urge you go out there and explore! Make life an adventure through surfing. Seek the unknown, stay curious and find true, amazing beauty!

Surf Experience (Tips + Guide)

Learn and improve your surf experience and surf trip experience using my guides and tips provided in this section of the blog. Here you will learn what it takes to improve your surfing inside and outside the water and what you can do to get the most out of your surf trips.

PS, ready to surf?

I want to inspire, educate and motivate people, I want to get people hocked on creating a life they love and spread the message of how amazing life can be if you let it unfold in its own way. I want to show them all the beauty and potential that is out there and let them know that life doesn’t have to be difficult but that it can be fun and exciting. I want to enable them to have the best most amazing experience of life and teach them how they can live life to the fullest. My goal is to move people, to educate and show them what is possible by telling my story and share my experience of life! To show them that anything is possible if they believe in themselves and that life can be amazing, fun and blissful. I want to show them that there is good in everything and that they can growth through anything if they believe and trust in themselves. I want to show the world that everything is possible with the right mindset and approach! My mission is to spread love and positivity and leave ever Person excited, happier, more inspire and more empowered!

I love you. You know, that right?!

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“The ocean is my happy place, my sanctuary, my church, my everything. It continues to give without asking anything in return. It is magical.”

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