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Think outside the box!

Ready to drop your interpretation of life and take on a new point of view that is more aligned with who you are?

Every day I challenge myself to think outside the box, to question common beliefs, to think beyond my present paradigm and to reframe my picture of this world. And I invite you to join me and get a look inside my head. Explore my blog to discover free advices, tips and thoughts on the five topics I use in my coaching.


On my blog, I focus on the five topics all of which are part of what I teach in my coaching: Building (self-) awareness and practicing self-development, achieving and improving your goal setting and time management, establishing mental and physical health through Mindset and Mindfulness and using traveling as tool to trigger excitement, experience and transformation.

I hope you enjoy the insight into my thoughts and all thee free advice and support you get here.

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Awareness & Self-Development

Every DreamLife starts with awareness, increasing performance starts with awarness. You need to know what it is that you want and what needs to be done to get there.
Here you learn to find clairity, self-awareness and use this awareness to practice self-development and become a higher self.

Goal Setting & Productivity

Performance happens on many levels and one of them is your goal setting and productivity. You need to get rid of those time consumers, set goals that help you move forward and generate momentum.
Here you learn to take action, prioritize and become more productive. In this section of the blog I share a lot of my experiences on how to achieve in a mindful and sustainable way.


Mindset and performance are like brother and sister. You can't perform at your best if you are not in a good Mindset, you also can't choose happiness if you are in a bad Mindset. Only by working on constantly adapting a positive, growth oriented Mindset you are able to boost performance and happiness.
Here you learn to think positive, adapt a growth Mindset and reframe limiting beliefs and thought patterns that are in your way of being happy and achieving your goals.


Happiness is about living in blanace. Whether that is between what you do and not do, what you eat and not eat or how you approach life in general. You need to give yourself permission to take breaks, learn to push when it's needed, forgive yourself for mistakes and be patient on this journey.
Here you learn all about how to live, think and act mindful, get inspiration on how to practice self-love and self-care and learn to keep a balance between hustling and living.

Physical health

Physical health is fundamental for better performance. Only if you are healthy and in good fitness you are able to give what it takes to create and experience your DreamLife and increase happiness.
Here you learn everything that is needed to get in shape, adapt a healthy nutrition and increase performance through sleep, recovery and fitness.

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Unlock your potential: The life changing magic of bliss, power and momentum

Do you want an experience of infinite possibilities and a life without limitations?
Do you want holistic, true and lasting change towards more bliss, more power and more momentum?
Do you want more excitement, a better performance and a better experience of life?
Then I invite you to be part of an adventure, build a life based on dreams, inspired by growth and lived with passion.

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