What you think you become, what you feel you attract what you imagine you create.

The reality we experience every day is a picture that is made up in our minds. What we imagine, what we focus on in our thoughts is going to manifest itself in our reality.

The thoughts we have about ourselfs, the doubts, fears and worries that constantly come up in our minds are the foundation of what we build your dreams on.

Our minds are so powerful that one single thought we have can hold us back from getting what we desire most. One decision we take can change everything or nothing.

Majority of the thoughts we have are constantly repeating itself in our mind so if they are full of worry and fear they are going to hold us back, they limit us in our decision making, they take away inner peace and happiness. And because we think them over and over again we feel like we are trapped in that endless cycle of negativity, stress and anxiety.

Now imgaine what it would look like if the thought you think majority of the time would be uplifiting, empowering, motivating and inspiring?

You would no longer feel trapped, you would no longer be anxious, you would no longer be controlled. YOU WOULD BE IN CONTROL of your happiness and your success and DEAL WITH THE UNEXPECTED.

We all have those negative, limiting thoughts and beliefs. But the good thing is our thought patterns can be changed. It requires time and effort but it is possible.

How does Mindset contribute to success and happiness?

Like outlined above already, what you think is influencing how you act so the wrong thoughts can lead to the wrong actions which then lead away from the desired outcome.

When it comes to using Mindset as a tool to enhance success and happiness in your life you need to address two particular changes within it.

1. A Mindset towards growth

A growth Mindset is so important because it gives you ways how you can deal with those “what if…” questions that cause anxiety, worry and fear. It also gives you ways how to deal with setbacks and challenges, how you can make peace with failure and mistakes and also how you can prevent them from happening again and use them to get forward.

A growth Mindset helps you to accept and let go of what you can’t control and direct your focus to what you can. It keeps you calm and focused when life decides to mess up your plans and the fear of the unexpected and loosing control takes over. It keeps you concious and present in such moments to find strategies to deal with the unexpected and prevent “what if…” senarios without loosing your mind.

2. A Mindset towards positivity

The second change of mind you need to make is towards positivity. A positive Mindset is what you need to accept and surrender to what you can’t control or change. It helps you to let go of self-doubts and limiting beliefs that are holding you back. It removes barriers that your mind creates around your ability to achieve your dreams.

Such a Mindset not only keeps you happy, smiling and at peace, it also helps you to overcome some of your main struggles and fears that are holding you back the most. And it creates momentum within your life and helps to manifest those dreams and let them become reality.

In this section of the blog I want to help you to become one with life and embrace all its ups and downs. To find peace with where you are and what’s happening. And to see the little positive in your struggles so you can exchance overwhelm and anxiety with conciousness and clarity.

So, decide to go with the flow of life, rather than swiming against it.

How to chase the bliss?