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Physical Health

Physical health and performance are so deeply connected, you could refer to them as one.

Without proper health, without enough sleep, fuelling your body with nutritious foods and maintaining a good overall fitness you won’t be able to give what it takes to create your dream life or increase happiness in it.

A mindful way of living and the ability to perform at your best and experience life in all its beauty is not only taking care about soul and mind but also taking care of your body.
Only if you are in good physical shape and healthy enough you can really experience life with everything it has in store for you. There is a whole science about how to live healthy and maximize your performance.

And as a graduated sports scientist I want to help you establish a healthier lifestyle and build awareness around how you can improve sleep, expercise, nutrition and recovery to get the most benefit for your overall way of living and acheiving.

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“Being physically fit means being able to perform at your best.”

Tara Fischer