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If it weren’t for traveling I wouldn’t be here teaching you what I know and helping you to build a self-determined, happy life.

It is not necessarily a requirement to create your dream life, but it is for sure a great way to get started to enhance more happiness and momentum in your life.

Traveling is one of the greatest tools a person can use to let more happiness into their life. How is that so? Well there is one simple secret to traveling, that makes it such a powerful tool:


The reason why traveling gives us so much happiness is its ability to teach us to step out of our comfort zone and deal with whatever life throws at us.

Traveling helps you find yourself. It isn’t always easy, but no matter how hard it seems and how lost you feel at times, once you overcome those moments of struggle you will return more conscious and happy. There is so much more to traveling then just the beautiful places you get to see. It enhanced transformation. It helps you to


  • Build awareness by throwing you out of your comfort zone
  • Improve your goals setting by showing you what is really important
  • Be mindful by letting you experience the beauty of nature
  • Change your Mindset by forcing you to take life as it presents itself


And the coolest thing is, all those things in return help you to travel the world.

So, join me on my journey around the world and discover how you can use traveling as your tool to enlightenment and happiness.


Stay stoked!


Travel for Transformation

Travel for Transformation is where you learn to use traveling as a tool for self-development and enhancing transformation in your life.

Travel Tips

Travel Tips is all about advice and tips concerning traveling, such as places to stay, how to overcome post-travel depression, afford to travel long-term and how to use traveling as a tool to happiness.

Travel Guides

The Travel Guide provides general information and tips about a certain places and country I've been to.

Travel Diary

In my Travel Diary you can read about my personal experience, thoughts and feelings I had during my trips to certain countries.


Surfing of course is about surfing and how to use it to stay present :D. Because seriously, you gadda try it, it's the best!

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“Traveling is the best education you can get. It not only teaches you about different places, people and cultures but more importantly about yourself. You get a lesson for life.  It tells you things about yourself, you didn’t know before. It helps you to grow in a way you wouldn’t be able to grow without.”

Tara Fischer