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Some thoughts and observations from my journey.

Travel Diary

In this section of the blog it will be all about the experiences and adventures I have when traveling.

In contrary to the Travel Guide section, where you will find broader, more general information about certain countries, this is all about my story.

Here I want to keep it very original, like the way this blog started out.
I’m just telling you what I’m up to, wherever I am and what adventures I went on.

This is my travel diary and a way for you to get to know me better and where you can get an even deeper impression of my life, my feelings and thought.

If you want to have even more impressions of my trips and always stay up to date, make sure to follow my Instagram or check out my Facebook page. There I post on a daily base and take you behind the scenes

Enough for now though, let’s get started and travel the world together!

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I love you. You know that right?!

“Home is wherever the heart takes us. And my heart takes me traveling”

Tara Fischer