Welcome to my Travel Video collection

For those not having realized yet, I love photography and videography. It’s such a great way to be creative and express yourself. In additon it’s the best way to collect and keep your memories present at any time.

That’s why I always try to do little clips about my travels and improve my skills in that area. I then put them up on YouTube for you to watch and get more visual impressions on my travels. So feel free to stop by there regularely and check them out. There’ll aproximately be a new clip every Friday around 12 pm.

Also I love to hear your feedback on them so I can keep improving and get better at doing videos. So if you have tips, constructive critisism or anything, throw it at me! I’m very apprechiative about your opinion.

For completeness of content though, I will integrate the most watched playlists here as well.

Nevertheless, I really urge you to check out my channel if you want the whole packadge.


My “Europe Short Trip” Playlist

My “Portugal” Playlist

My “France” Playlist

My “South Africa” Playlist

My “Some other Places” Playlist