8 valuable lessons surfing is teaching us about life and how we can use those traits to nourish success and happiness

Today I am sharing some wonderful life lessons form surfing that can help you become more succesfull and happy in your life.

Travel Diary South Africa – Part 3 Jeffrey’s Bay: Surfing Time

Have you ever traveled to Jeffery’s Bay, South Africa? Well, here is my travel diary with lots of funny stories, adventures and beautiful photos about J-Bay. Have a read and get into vacation mood right away. Follow me to South Africa and experience great travel vibes. Let’s travel!

How to plan a trip? – A secret step to step guide to your dream vacation

Learn how to plan a trip. Planning a trip is hard, especially when it comes to surf trips. Here is a secret step to step guide on how to overcome stressful and unpleasant trip planning. Get back the fun and excitement in organizing your next perfect trip. Let’s do it!