Travel Diary South Africa – Part 7 Jeffrey’s Bay: Saying goodbye

Want to travel to Jeffrey’s Bay, South Africa? I’ve lived there for 6 weeks and show you how incredible life there is. Experience great friendships, awesome waves and an open-minded culture. This is the last part of my travel diary from South Africa. Come and have a read.

Travel Diary South Africa – Part 4 Jeffrey’s Bay: The down side of traveling

I’m back with another entry in my South Africa Travel Diary. It’s still Jeffrey’s Bay and I’ll tell you why it is good to stay in one place for longer, how traveling changes me every day and what the down sides of traveling are. Experience another side of traveling.

Travel Diary South Africa – Part 3 Jeffrey’s Bay: Surfing Time

Have you ever traveled to Jeffery’s Bay, South Africa? Well, here is my travel diary with lots of funny stories, adventures and beautiful photos about J-Bay. Have a read and get into vacation mood right away. Follow me to South Africa and experience great travel vibes. Let’s travel!

Travel Diary South Africa – Part 2 Jeffery’s Bay: Enjoying time with the locals

Ever been to Jeffery’s Bay South Africa? If not here’s your chance to get to know the beauty of that surfer town. Have a read about how my solo travels are going, why I love spending time with locals and how surf is in Jeffery’s Bay. Let’s travel together!

Travel Diary South Africa – Part 1 Cape Town: To hot to walk around

Welcome to Cape Town, South Africa. This is the first part of my travel diary through South Africa. Here you can read about what I’ve been experiencing in this beautiful country and what I’ve been up to. Read an amazing, entertaining story about a surfer girls trip through South Africa. Come on, let’s travel together!