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A few recources for living your best life.

On this page you can find a few wonderful resources for you to indulge in to learn, grow and expand your experience of life.

All those things are or have been part of my own personal and spiritual growth journey, so you can be certain that there is some value in them.

Books Recommendations

Mindset - by Carol Dweck

A wonderful book about mindest and how it impacts your experience and performance in life

4 hour-work week - by Timothy Ferriss

A wonderful book about work life balance and productivity how you can improve yours.

Power of Now - by Eckhart Tolle

A wonderful book on being present and mindful and how you can use consciousness to expand your happiness.

wherever-you-go-there-you-are. jpeg
Wherever you go, there you are - by Jon Kabat-Zinn

A wonderful book on mindfulness and meditation for eveyone looking to expand their practice.

Other Things

Vegan Protein Powder

My go to when it comes to protein supplements.

Natural Peanut Butter

My go to when it comes to nut butter. It’s affortable and delicious.

All the links provided here are affiliate links, which means, I get a small percentage of the money you pay for purchasing the product.

PS, ready to start chasing dreams?

Inspiring and motivating people has been my passion for many years now, and my favourite thing in the world is seeing others move past their struggles and make their dreams come true and help them grow into who they are truly meant to be and starting a life that is completely theirs and makes them endlessly happy.

I’m here to lead people to live a happier, healthier and more fulfilled life by helping them to overcome stuckness, train their minds, manifest their dreams and increase their mindfulness and holistic wellbing.

So if you are ready to take faith into your own hands and design the reality you imagine for yourself, reach out and let’s do it!

“Everything we do impacts the way we experience life.”