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Awarness Coaching

Change starts with You!

This Awareness coaching program is created to bring change into people’s lives and personalities through creating awareness and self-reflection. It focuses on helping you to get to know yourself better (self-discovery), get to the bottom of struggles, negative emotions or limiting beliefs and thoughts.

It is also an amazing opportunity to dive deeper into self-development and get to know coaching and how it can change and positively impact your life. Is helping you to learn more about yourself, what is holding you back from living your best life and why. The result of this program is more confidence and clarity within yourself and on your journey, and thus, momentum towards change.

So, if you want to understand your thoughts, feelings and reactions better, get to know yourself, introduce change into an area of your life and learn how to reflect and practice self-development, this is your program!

Awareness Coaching Set Up

Ready to change your life?

How do we communicate?
  • 1:1
  • Zoom call
  • Start time: any time
Duration + Intensity
  • 1x 60 minutes (single session)
  • 4x 60 minutes (series)
What's included?
  • Notes from all sessions
  • Limitless WhatsApp support
  • Mid-week check in
  • Welcome package: Includes information about program, introduction in to the topic, a little something to get them started right (Preparation Ritual)

Full money back if there was no moment of transformation or desired results after the package is completed.


  • Actionable templets, worksheets and homework to apply what you’ve learned (e.g. SD Questions and Journaling Prompts, EFT Practice Introduction, Goal setting techniques and strategies, An action plan for change)
  • 1 free Laser Session
  • Thank you note + continuing goals and actions
  • 30 minute free consultation
Add ons

There is a range of additional services and tools that might greatly benefit the transformation implemented through this program and can be purchased alongside.

  • EFT/TFT Sessions
  • Guided Imagery
  • Meditation
  • Brand development
  • Laser sessions
  • Brainstorming sessions
  • Email coaching
  • Special tools and templates

How it works?

Valuing yourself enough to invest in a one-to-one coaching relationship is one of the best gifts you can give yourself.

Nothing worth having comes easy. I believe in long lasting change, and that doesn’t happen overnight. My dream for you is to have the clarity, confidence, and tools to transform your life and yourself. Sometimes women don’t know what to do to change, but more often it’s that we’re stuck in a rut and don’t know how to get out of it. That is why we struggle so much with making a change, because the lack of awareness around what needs to be changed isn’t there.

This program is designed to support you in gaining awareness and self-clarity. You will learn to be more conscious and aware of what is really going on and thus, generate power and give yourself a choice. It helps you get to know yourself better and understand your actions so you can achieve your highest potential and make some lasting changes.

I believe the power of self-reflection and self-development. I believe through knowing yourself and understanding your actions you can achieve your highest potential and gain the confidence and clarity you need to live your best life.

AWARENESS helps people reflect and introduce change into themselves or their lives, learn to be more conscious and aware of what’s going on and thus giving people a choice which equals more power.

You will learn more about yourself and what is holding you back from living your best life and why. You’ll also learn how to reflect on yourself and upon the thoughts and feelings you have as well as the actions you take to change what’s not working for you. We use what we’ve discovered through reflecting and creating awareness and implement a strategy for change, design an action plan and put it into action. Because with awareness comes change and with change comes improvement. To make it even more intentional you will also be given a few tools and techniques to practice self-awareness and implementing change at home and in everyday life.

So, if you want to understand your thoughts, feelings and reactions better, get to know yourself, introduce change into an area of your life and learn how to reflect and practice self-development, this is your program! The  question is, are you ready to make a change?

By the end of this Program you will have...

  • Clarity
  • Focus
  • A choice
  • Opportunities
  • Growth
  • Change

Which means…

  • Dive deeper into Self-Development and Self-reflection
  • Change something in life or yourself
  • Learn/enhance self-development, maybe some changes want to introduce into your life
  • Live more intentional
  • Become the best version of yourself
  • Learn more about yourself
  • Be more confident and have clarity about yourself and your path in life
  • Understand your actions, thoughts and feelings and change them
  • become self-aware
  • experience what coaching can do for you
  • detect what is holding you back
  • learn to reflect and create the opportunity for change through pure awareness
  • setting up for change
  • A why and purpose in life
  • Tools and knowledge to practice self-development and self-coaching
  • Learn to reflect and live more intentional

What people say

Working with Tara was an amazing experience. She has wisdom beyond her years and has a welcoming, easy flow to her approach as a coach. She always comes up with the absolute best questions to really get me thinking on a deeper level. Tara is as authentic as they come and really wants to help others succeed. You can feel that energy in every session you have with her...it makes you want to come back for more!
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Tara is a wonderful coach and I thoroughly enjoyed my experience with her. Tara is kind, compassionate, intelligent and has a well structured approach to problem solving. She whipped me in to shape to organise the technology side of my business which is something I’ve been dreading for over a decade. I highly recommend, without hesitation, booking a program with Tara!
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For whom is the program?

The program is for people who look for more clarity and confidence in themselves and how they live life. It’s for all those who want to use the power of awareness to introduce change, meaning and happiness into their lives, who want to get to know themselves and find out who they truly are.

So if you:

  • Struggle making a large life transition
  • Struggle with decision-making in your personal life
  • Struggle with improving self-clarity and personal development
  • Struggle identifying personal values and goals
  • Struggle with realizing personal and emotional needs
  • struggle with their weaknesses, fears, doubts, worries
  • want to get out of your rut
  • struggle with knowing where you want to go in life (finding your dream)
  • struggle with being yourself
  • struggle with people pleasing
  • struggle with stepping out of your comfort zone
  • struggle with finding out what you want
  • struggle with making a change
  • struggle with staying true to yourself
  • struggle with finding out what is holding you back

Then this program will help you find clarity, confidence and the next step towards change.

We are in this together!

Here is how AWARENESS changed my life…

I didn’t know what to do, I didn’t know how to do it and I most certainly did not know what was holding me back from finding it out.
Just before I started my studies, I was in a really dark place. I was not happy at all. I found myself in a place I didn’t want to be, doing something I didn’t want to do and I had so many doubts and worries about literally everything.

Through traveling it was that I first got introduced to self-development. But only then, when I was at my lowest, I learned how to consciously use it. After about 6 months in my post-travel depression and a lot of trial and error later, I found a wonderful tool that helped me change everything: Journaling.
I asked myself questions I never thought of before and answering them helped me to understand why I was feeling the way I did, why I was acting the way I was and why I experienced this unpleasant manifestation of my reality.
Through the course of the past 4 years I internationalized and professionalized my self-discovery tools and techniques and have now a pretty good toolkit together that helps me to get through anything. Just recently I had a major moment of insecurity and negative thoughts arise on a frequent basis. Fear, worries and doubts are part of life and we all have them. But the difference is, now I know how to deal with them, instead of letting them hold me back.

I could have never imagined how it is to be truly able to do anything, not because you’ve got all the money and the time, but because I was finally not standing in my own way anymore. I am so much more intentional in everything I do, I know how to deal with negative thoughts and doubts without letting them affect me, and I finally understand myself and know my place and purpose in this world. All thanks to AWARENESS.

  • Thanks to AWARENESS I have an overall clear understanding of myself and my life which helps me to live more intentionally and happily
  • Thanks to AWARENESS I can identify facts from feelings and react accordingly
  • Thanks to AWARENESS I where my fears, doubts and insecurities are coming from
  • Thanks to AWARENESS I know how to find out what is lacking and make change immediately
  • Thanks to AWARENESS I know my strengths and weaknesses
  • Thanks to AWARENESS I know exactly what I want, how I get there and when change is necessary
  • Thanks to AWARENESS I have the ability to take all the information I take in every day and process it, simplify it and reflect it so I gain new insight, momentum and opportunities
  • Thanks to AWARENESS I am able to make shifts in my self-image and beliefs, changes perspectives, and introduce transformation
  • Thanks to AWARENESS I dove deeper into Self-Development and self-reflection
  • Thanks to AWARENESS I constantly change something in life an myself and the best is, I always know what I need to change in the first place
  • Thanks to AWARENESS I have direction, meaning in my lives
  • Thanks to AWARENESS I live more intentional
  • Thanks to AWARENESS I learn more about myself every day
  • Thanks to AWARENESS I am more confident and have clarity about myself and my path in life
  • Thanks to AWARENESS I understand my actions, thoughts and feelings

…ready to get to know yourself?​

Why is coaching worth the energetic investment?

(money is also just a form of energy) Investing in yourself can be scary, I know this first-hand (I invested in my dreams ever since I started chasing them. I invested a 6-figure amount into my business and my personal growth over the course of the last 6 years, and I don’t plan to stop any time soon as I know the immense benefits it’s giving me). But it truly makes all the difference between a good and an extraordinary life.
If you feel called to invest into me as your personal mentor and thus, into your DreamLife, be sure of the fact that I treat your goals like my own and make them (and you) number 1 on my priority list.

Change always starts when things get moving. Movement requires some form of action. Drastic movement requires massive action. Action you can take right here, right now. Change starts with you.
​ So, discover the mystery behind “Let’s make it happen”!


PS: Do you believe in destiny. Like I do?

Are you currently looking for guidance to change the way you approach life, goal setting and the relationship you have with yourself? Do you want to create momentum, positivity and mindfulness around how you live life and approach your goals? Do you want more intention, more power and more positivity? Do you want a strong and kind mindset, an effective and sustainable strategy and intentional and mindful practices to support you on this adventure called life. This might me be the sign you’ve been waiting for.


What people wanna know...

Because you matter to me and I want only the best for you I have implemented a special refund policy for all my clients.

For each coaching package, you purchase you have a 100% money back guarantee after the package is completed, in case you didn’t see any results or have not experienced any transformation/value. This guarantee however does not count for single session purchases.

  • Bachelor of Science in Sport Science at Technical University Munich
  • Certified Personal Trainer by Technical University Munich
  • Certified Surf Coach by VDWL
  • Certified Nutritionist by Academy of Sports and Health Munich
  • Certified EFT Practitioner by CTAA and the Priority Academy
  • Certified Guided Imagery Practitioner
  • Certified Professional Coach by WCI and ICF

I am also currently doing my Masters’ Degree in Marketing, Branding and Merchandising at MIA University Barcelona.

Do you

  • Struggle with clarity and purpose — go for awareness or one of my workshops 
  • Have trouble with changing your mindset, and learn to think positive (mastering your mind) — go for bliss 
  • Struggle finding direction, purpose and positivity, struggle with have a positive, energizing and uplifting experience of life, struggle loving themselves and trusting in their path, struggle introducing change into yourself or your life, struggle increasing personal growth and fulfilment or simply want to work towards becoming the best version of yourself — go for transformed 
  • Have trouble living the life you’ve always imagined for yourself, do you want to be happier, healthier and more successful, do you want to change your life and make your dreams come true (master your mind, nurture your soul and achieve your goal) — go for dreamlife

Coaching is a professional relationship that enables a client to move forward in his or her life, work or business with greater clarity, focus, momentum, success and happiness. Through partnering with the coach in a thought-provoking and creative process that helps a client to build awareness around oneself and ones’ thoughts and beliefs – which are responsible for the reality we experience – a coach inspires a client to create his or her own answers to maximize their personal and professional potential and implement change toward personal and professional growth.

Coaching is a process. It is a relationship that focuses on coach and coachee as a team. It is a “we are on the same level and together we will figure it out” – approach and not a “I know better than you and tell you what to do” – approach. The coach-coachee relationship functions as a partnership, where planning, decision-making, and evaluation are shared responsibilities

All the answers are inside the client and a coach enables each client to find his or her “right” answers. Only a client truly knows what is best for him or herself.

A coach does not “tell” a client what to do. The client knows already everything they need to know and have the answer inside of them. We as coaches do not need to have all the answers, instead we help to access the knowledge within the client. We help them to come up with their own answers and helping them figure out what they need instead of telling them what to do. Coaching facilitate change and helps a client to be more productive, happier and more effective. It helps others to manage, change and deal with recurring patterns that are holding one back from living ones’ best lives and thus, improve performance and unlock potential.

Coaching is a distinct service and differs greatly from therapy, consulting, mentoring or training. Individuals who engage in a coaching relationship can expect to experience fresh perspectives on personal challenges and opportunities, enhanced thinking and decision making skills, enhanced interpersonal effectiveness, and increased confidence in carrying out their chosen work and life roles.

Through the process and practices a coach brings to the table a client will experience:

  • Awareness: a new way of seeing the situation; a shift in perception
  • Clarity: focused, specific insights, actions and goals
  • Motivation: organically created energy that results from the coaching session, come almost entirely from within the client (energy and excitement for newfound awareness “a-ha”), and which enables the client to reach his or her self-created action for the upcoming agreed-upon timeframe
  • Confidence: power of self-realizing the situation and having the power within and creativity to design one’s own solution. This applies to businesses too. Power of a business executive or team self-realizing the situation and having the power and creativity to design a solution

It is beneficial for everyone because we all have struggles, we all have limiting believes and problems to deal with on a daily basis. And very little of us are aware or even know how to deal with just half of them. Having someone helping you to figure out what is holding you back and developing a strategy to overcome whatever that is can be the solution you’ve been looking for so long.

Mentoring is a relationship where the more experienced mentor may teach or share with a mentee information, knowledge and experiences about his or her own path, as well as provide guidance, motivation, emotional support, and role modelling that will move the mentee further with his or her goals. Mentoring can be one-on-one, distance or group in nature and is based on an open, collaborative, non-judgmental and non-directive approach.

MY COACHING PHILOSOPHY embodies autonomy, compassion, creativity, proximity and sustainability (update)
THE Awareness created in COACHING results in TRANSFORMATIONAL CHANGE. To me the most important thing is to NOT tell you what you should do, but help you find out for yourself. Because only when the solution comes from inside you, it is truly sustainable and effective. I am not thee one to tell you how you should do things or live your life. I am the one guiding and helping you to find the right direction and support you in any way I can.

“To inspire to learn not teaching to do.”

My personal coaching style is greatly based on above definition of coaching. To me it is very important to enable you to live life independently. My approach is a holistic, mentoring coaching style, which means that we trigger all areas of your life and your person, and look for answers inside of you instead of me telling you what to do. You know best what you need, I am only here to guide and help you access the knowledge you have as well as trigger learning, so you can gain new knowledge. My main goal is to give you all the tools and techniques you need to live your best life and master that journey successfully. We are all unique and special and there is no “one size fits all” approach when it comes to moving beyond your limitations and creating and living your DreamLife. That is why it is so important to me that all the answers, solutions and strategies come from within you and not from what I think is best. My opinion doesn’t matter. My job is to help you figure out what works best for you!

Coaching is not a therapy or counselling. Coaching focuses on the present and the future of the client’s life or business, not the past.

A coach is not a therapist, a psychologist, or counsellor delving into the past, diagnosing and/or applying learned techniques for a particular mental or behavioural need.

A coach focuses on the “who” of a person, not the “what”; the client discovers what he or she needs to do versus the coach giving expert advice like a consultant might.

  • Brings out the best in people
  • Develops people in terms of work, relationships and life performance
  • Creates self-awareness and self-belief
  • Makes people love themselves and life
  • Gives life satisfaction and enjoyment
  • Frees up time through making you productive
  • Nurtures creativity and ambition
  • Helps to unlock your potential
  • Nurtures commitment and dedication
  • Improves agility and adaptability to change
  • Raises High performance and intention
  • Leads to contentment
  • Teaches life skills

I believe in the power of will. I believe when you want something bad enough anything is possible. I believe when you put your mind to something you can achieve everything.

I have always had the mindset of an athlete. That grit and willpower, that resilience and Conscientiousness that it takes to push through your own lack of motivation. That ability to challenge your fears and keep going despite all the stones that get thrown in your way. When I wanted something, I did everting in my power to make it happen. I never gave up. I would go out there and fight no matter the costs and I would do it even if I am scared even when I “don’t feel like it” I would listen to my heart and it would tell me to go.

The one thing that separates a good person in anything from a high achiever is the mindset. That’s all. It’s just the degree of willpower, the degree to which you can trust and have faith and the degree to which you are able to cope with failure, fears and doubts without letting it get in your way.

For most people the reason that’s holding them back from both, achieving their goals and being happy is only their false sense of themselves. They think they want something but they actually not. And you can see that in their ability to commit and continue to show up. Because if they’d really want it they would be able to show up. Or they would at least try everything to get into that mindset that gets them to show up when they’re not naturally gifted with it. 

And you know that’s the beautiful thing with all this, you can learn that success mindset. All you need is someone to show you how.

And that is why I am a coach. I want to help people develop grit, willpower and resilience. I help them overcome their discrepancies and find out what they truly want and then develop the mindset that’ll get them there. Because only when you know what you really want you can set yourself up for success.

If you continue to chase things you don’t want you’ll never be able to follow through and thus feel unaccomplished and frustrated. You might even doubt yourself and your abilities when the only thing that’s not right is your picture of what you think you want.

So, let’s work together shall we. Let’s remove these discrepancies once am for all and get you into the right mindset to achieve whatever it is that you want.

I know you can do it. You just have to want it bad enough.

There are many reasons for people hiring coaches, but the main reason is because they want support in making a change or need help to get unstuck to move forward.

I as a coach hold the potential to create opportunities for happiness, success and change and thus can move you past your current paradigm and closer to your desired result. Whether that is in personal life or in your work.

Amongst the top 5 people who are hiring coaches are:

  • People who have goals or dreams and want to achieve them faster and easier than they ever thought possible.
  • People who have challenges, stress, and pain that they want support in overcoming.
  • People who want to become (better) life coaches themselves, and correctly realize that the only way to improve one’s skills is to have a coach to help them transcend the blind-spots.

My programs and services are for all enthusiastic, high achieving, curious women, creatives and freebirds who seek everyday inner peace, adventure, joy and freedom; who want to be themselves, make a difference, be successful and want to create a life you don’t need a vacation from.

For all aspiring, passionate and dedicated athletes and performers who want to gain momentum, train their mind, their body and their consciousness, find fulfilment and a road to success.

And finally, for all ambitious, enthusiastic, high achieving students and small business owners who want to make a difference, be successful, find fulfilment and create a lifestyle that make them feel happier, healthier and more accomplished.

So, belong to either one or more of those groups, I can help you to chase your dreams, do what you love, design life according to your means and live in a more fulfilled, happy and more successful way.

(money is also just a form of energy)
Investing into yourself can be scary, I know this first-hand (I invested in my dreams ever since I started chasing them. I invested a 6-figure amount into my business and my personal growth over the course of the last 4 years, and I don’t plan to stop any time soon as I know the immense benefits it’s giving me). But it truly makes all the difference between a good and an extraordinary life.
If you feel called to invest into me as your personal mentor and thus, into your DreamLife, be sure of the fact that I treat your goals like my own.

Change always starts when things get moving. Movement requires some form of action. Drastic movement requires massive action. Action you can take right here, right now.

Transformational coaching is the practice of emotional intelligence.
It’s our purpose to learn and adapt. Our brains are made for this, coaching refers to both inspires to learn, forces you to adapt by challenging your world view which in return trigger transformation that helps you grow and expand.

We all have a natural built in learning capability. Coaching triggers that learning capability by mentoring you to find answers within instead of accessing them from the outside. Through learning and personal growth, which coaching triggers, you can establish strategies and techniques that are sustainable and perfectly aligned with you as a person.

Performance is the degree to which a person can show up in a given situation. High performance is the highest degree to which a person can show up, React or act in a situation according to her abilities.

While there are many different forms of performance, the PET Model distinguishes between these kinds of performances:

  • Mental performance (the degree to which a person can keep her mental health, positivity, resilience and toughness)
  • Physical performance (the degree to which a person can increase, use and maintain their physical fitness and well-being)
  • Personal performance (the degree to which a person can make use of their values, strengths and weaknesses to achieve a goal)
  • Spiritual performance (the degree to which a person can stay aligned and balanced in their self and throughout the areas of their life)
  • Social performance (the degree to which a person can show up, serve and grow in a social setting)

Performance is crucial to unleashing one’s potential and achieve dreams and find happiness. To make use of your potential, the unique skill and trait set that only you have, you need to increase your performance, as performance is key to making use of this toolbox. This toolbox in return will take you to your dreams and self-actualization which essential pillars of happiness. In addition, being able to perform at you best generates this magical essence called flow or momentum. Flow or momentum is a state where effort feels effortless, everything comes naturally to you and a high degree of joy is achieved through working in this state. An increased or prolonged flow state is an awesome way to not only boost excitement and ensure contentment, but also to achieve goals in an easy, almost effortless way.

Performance can be inhibited by many factors including lack of awareness, self-doubts, limiting beliefs, lack of physical fitness, lack of strategies and techniques to make use of the given abilities, lack of mindfulness, lack of alignment, lack of knowledge or practice.

However, through coaching you can work actively on improving your performance, no matter what kind and get a huge step closer to unleashing your potential.

A persons’ potential is the collective package or toolbox of unique skills, traits, beliefs, strengths and weaknesses, talents and experiences collected throughout their lives. Using ones’ potential means to make full use of your collective package of potential without any barriers or limitations in any given situation, to achieve your dreams and show up in the best way possible. Potential can be expanded through awareness, self-development and exposure to the unknown. It can be unleashed through increased awareness and performance and strategic goal setting. Making use of one’s potential is a huge booster of happiness as it triggers self-actualization and opens infinite possibilities for a person to shine and find meaning and purpose.

Mindfulness is the art of living and approach an individual has to itself and life. It is about consciousness, slowness, contentment, love and kindness and enjoying the present moment.

You need to be mindful and take care of your mind and body to be able to have the best experiences of life as it manifests all around you. Living and enjoying life happens in the present moment and to be able to really find happiness you have to allow yourself to be present and mindful to prevent missing out on living life and grateful for this life you get to experience. Mindfulness happens on two levels:

On a mental level:

Mentally speaking mindfulness is about choosing the present moment as your focus. It’s about drawing the focus of your life and thoughts away from past and future and giving up waiting as a state of mind as well as worrying about what has happened or what will happen. Being mentally more mindful allows you to find happiness and peace within the present, within where you are. You stop wanting something back that you had and you stop looking for happiness within things you hope to get on the future. It also allows you to accept the path you are going down and embrace what has happened, is happening or will happen – good and bad – as part of the progress you make on this journey. And lastly it helps you to trust and have faith in everything working out the way it’s supposed to be and on you being able to deal with what is coming your way. The mental part of mindfulness is very interceded with the Mindset work. Like a positive, growth oriented Mindset a mindful Mindset gives you the strength, confidence and trust you need to manifest your dream life as you deserve it.

And a physical level:

On a physical level mindfulness refers to how you act and live life. A mindful approach to living allows you to slow down – even in busy times – and take in this awesome life that is happening right in front of you. It is all about living healthy, taking care of your body and your environment. Treating yourself and others in a loving and Kind way and also allowing yourself to feel what you feel, to do what you need and give to others so you can receive. It’s about listening to your body and giving it what it asks, pushing when it’s time to push and taking breaks when it’s time to take breaks. Mindfulness is key to enjoying life and you need to enjoy life fully to experience and feel this happiness that you are seeking. Living mindful – against what many people think – does not collude with hustling and achieving your goals. In contrary, hustling in a mindful way should be everyone’s goal as this is the only, sustainable way to achieve your goals without losing your mind or suffering a burnout. Choosing to achieve your goals in a mindful way is surrounding to this journey, giving yourself permission to chase your dreams but also to take breaks from hustling when you need them so you can come back more motivated and focused than before. It is being patient with yourself while you are working hard to make your dreams come true and it is forgiving yourself for mistakes you made along this path and for not always living up to your expectations. It is allowing yourself to be happy while you work for more happiness. And here you learn how!

Awareness is the mental state and consciousness an individual hast towards itself, its body, its behaviour, emotions and thoughts, towards life and towards others. Building awareness is how we can initiate transformation. Once we become aware of something we have the power to change it. Awareness helps us to choose our responds instead of reacting out of impulse. Through awareness we can connect deeper with our purpose and meaning (our fulfilment) of life. And we can explore our values and align them with how we live life.
We need to know a) our struggles, to overcome what is holding you back and b) our dreams and what we want, to go for it. Building awareness is very much referring to reflecting on life and yourself as well as your body to get to know yourself better, to figure out what you want and also what is holding you back and needs to be changed, improved or included within yourself and your life so you can create it like you imagine it for yourself and achieve your goals. To create that DreamLife and choose happiness you need to a) know your struggles, to overcome what is holding you back and b) know what you want, to go for it. When it comes to building awareness, reflecting is key. You need to constantly ask yourself why!  Why am I doing this? Why am I thinking this? Why am I feeling this? Why is this happening? Take the awareness that you’ve gained about life and yourself and put it into action trough Self Development. Ask yourself what can I take from it. What needs to be changed? What needs to be included? What needs to be improved? Set goals to overcome those limiting beliefs and habits and also set goals to include more of those things that make you happy and keep you sane. But don’t worry, I teach you how to reflect on your thoughts, feelings and actions and learn from them. I help you discover and craft a better version of yourself. Only by building awareness we can choose ways to transform our lives.
Awareness is to get to know yourself better and learn to reflect on yourself and life so you can take the right decisions and take the right choices that lead you to happiness and personal and professional success.

Self-development is the act of moving past your current paradigm and overcoming limiting beliefs, habits and patterns that keep you away from living the life you imagine for yourself, being the best version of yourself and showing up in your most unique, most authentic way. Self-Development happens on an inter and an intra personal level. It manly happens inside of you, through yourself, through awareness that you gained about your current or past state and which you want to move past through conscious action and goal setting, effort and dedication. But it also happens in an interpersonal level as you get inspired by what to work on through other people, through admiring, looking up to someone and detecting traits you want to implement yourself, or through becoming more aware of your behaviour around or with other people or maybe even through them helping you get this awareness. No matter the reason that implemented self-development or helps you to practice it in a more intentional, it is crucial for you to work on yourself not because you need to be more perfect, but to unleash that magic that is inside of you.

Mindset is inner performance, inner health, mental resilience. It is the foundation for transformation, for happiness and for better performance in life. If your mind is in the right place, anything can happen and you can still enjoy it to the fullest. You learn to deal with struggles and challenges, you learn to appreciate, you learn to stay positive and accept everything that is coming your way as part of the journey towards your dream life. What you think is influencing how you act so the wrong thoughts can lead to the wrong actions which then lead away from the desired outcome. When it comes to using Mindset as a tool to boost success and happiness in your life you need to address two particular changes within it.

Well-being is effective functioning of an individual and effective functioning for a community.  There are three forms of well-being, physical, mentally and socially. Mental well-being can be divided in Hedonic well-being: Feeling of happiness, satisfaction and interest in life, also called emotional well-being, Evaluations of life in general and Eudemonic well-being: Realization of one’s own potential, Psychological well-being. Optimal lifestyle development, Optimal functioning and self-actualisation. Both refer to positive mental health: Self-acceptance, Purpose in life, Autonomy, Positive relationships with others, Environmental mastery (ability to master your environment according to your needs), Personal growth, strive to become a better person and to realize one’s potential. Social well-being: Person is functioning optimally in society, Social coherence: being able to make meaning of what is happening in society, Social acceptance: a positive attribute towards others while acknowledging their difficulties, Social actualisation: the belief that the community has potential and can evolve positively, Social contribution: feeling that one’s activities contribute to and are valued by society (serving to others), Social integration: a sense of belonging to a community.

Self-esteem or self-belief is crucial for self-actualisation and unleashed potential. You need a healthy sense of trust and faith in yourself and your abilities to make use of your resources and manifest your goals and dreams. I you constantly depend on others for self-worth and acknowledgement nothing will ever be enough. Coaching helps you to create self-belief by challenging you to think further and grow out of your past experiences. The connection to others is only important in the sense of getting support and guidance. Only then can connections really be nurturing.

“If you have nothing to lose you can only win.”