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MANIFEST (Visualisation) Program

Make things happen.

“Your mind is your only limitation bcause you create what you imagine.”

It makes me sad to see people give up on their dreams and dismiss their desires because they believe they don’t deserve it or can’t do it. Life is limitless and you are your greatest obstacle. Your ability to imagine is your greatest limitation. If you can imagine what you desire and if you can start to believe you are worthy, you can achieve anything!

So if you’ve ever thought you deserve more, you can do more and you want more, this is your opportunity for more results, more magic and less limitations.

We create what we imagine and we manifest into it whatever we believe to be worthy of. So, by internationalising our imagination and using it in a strategic way, we can create whatever reality we desire, overcome whatever obstacle we face and manifest all that we want to materialize.

MANIFEST Program Set Up

Ready to achieve your goals?

Mentoring on
  • Self discovery & purpose
  • Mindset 
  • Manifestation
  • Making lifestyle changes
  • Healing
How do we communicate?
  • 1:1
  • Zoom call
  • Start time: any time
Duration + Intensity
  • 1x 90 minutes or
  • 4x 60 minutes
What's included?
  • Notes from all sessions
  • Regular check in
  • Unlimited access via WhatsApp, FB messenger or email
  • Welcome package: information about program, introduction in to the topic, a little something to get them started right (Preparation Ritual), success Activities

Full money back if there was no moment of transformation or desired results after the package is completed.

  • Actionable templets, worksheets and homework to apply what you’ve learned (e.g. Goal setting techniques and strategies; Time Management, prioritizing, planning tools and techniques; Self-Development tools and strategies; Mindfulness tools and techniques; Nutrition, Fitness tools; An action plan for change; Life hacks; And more…)
  • Thank you note + continuing goals and actions
  • 30 minute free consultation
Add ons

There is a range of additional services and tools that might greatly benefit the transformation implemented through this program and can be purchased alongside.

  • EFT/TFT Sessions
  • Affirmation Scripts
  • Meditation
  • Journaling Prompts
  • Laser sessions
  • Brainstorming sessions
  • Email coaching

How MANIFEST works?

We all have the power to create a life we love. Yet we all struggle with limiting beliefs and other obstacles in all sorts and shapes. They might be mental or physical, things holding us back from taking action, believing in ourselves, staying true to the bigger picture and seeing results.

What if I told you that you can overcome those obstacles and there’s a simple way to do so? What if I told you that all you need is your imagination?

I believe in the power of the mind. I believe through priming our brain and creating the right neural pathways while engaging in the right actions we can overcome anything, achieve anything and create the life we desire.

Visualization is a wonderful practice to use the minds power to manifest a reality for yourself that is magical. Imagery is the language of the subconscious mind, the part of the brain that is responsible for 90% of what we feel, think and do. It’s the center of all automatism. So, imagine what your life would look like if those automatisms where directed towards generating outcome, manifesting things and creating a beautiful, joyful reality for yourself. Well that is the power of visualization.

How it works

  • We assess reality, set goals and define a foundation
  • Visualize change
  • Visualize abundance
  • Visualize action

So if you want to finally take ownership of your life and achieve those goals, let’s MANIFEST!


By the end of this Program you will have...

  • Fulfilment and alignment
  • Achievement & success
  • Contentment & Consciousness
  • Confidence & self-love 
  • Personal and spiritual growth

Which means…

  • A positive, resilient mindset
  • Seeing results
  • Accountability and action taking
  • Transformation with yourself and your life
  • Alignment and purpose
  • Momentum towards your goals
  • A more positive, confident and abundant outlook
  • Overcoming obstacle

For whom is the program?

For all those who need some more “luck” to help them achieve their goals and who want to take that luck into their own hands.

Especially if you:

  • Struggles with limiting beliefs, fear and self-doubt
  • Are not seeing results or not the ones you like
  • Seem to always make the wrong decision and take the wrong action
  • Don’t beleive you can do it or deserve it
  • Want to expand your tool kit and add on another method to generate desired outcomes

Then this program will help you stay accountable, stay aligned and generate results. 

What people say

Tara is a fantastic person and I apprechiated her flexibility with scheduling. The session was really focused on my goals rather than your own ambitions which I thought was a good coaching practice. I was feeling very overwhelmed by my business/hobbies and frustrated with finding the right momentum. Tara helped me to see another perspective and a different way to approach my mindset about my problem. I enjoyed that it was a free flow conversation, it felt very personal. I think the new perspective with viewing my position as phases has helped me to feel less overwhelmed.
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Before my session I was a bit lost without help and confidence that I can achieve some specific goals. But Tara helped me discover what was the problem. We made a program that fits my needs. After, I feel more confident and ready to try new things, get more committed and achieve my goals. Now I feel that getting to a final result is not so difficult! So, if you need someone to talk, who will help you to find your own ways of solving your problems, feeling better and improve yourself, Tara is the right person for you!
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Fulltime Traveler

Visualisation or guided imagery is a therapeutic process that works purposefully with our imagination. It uses phrases and words to evoke a sensory response and thus triggers the part of the brain, our subconsciousness, that communicates with images. Thus, we can influence the thought process of our subconscious mind, overcome limiting beliefs and train our brain to be open for opportunities, take action and move past our current limitation. Visualisation uses intention, attention and imagination to communicate with the subconscious mind and introduce healing or create an inner representation of our desired reality. Guided imagery is a mind-body practice just as meditation and hypnosis, which means it uses the connection between mind and body to connect consciousness and unconsciousness and introduce change.

We are in this together!

My whole life I have been using visualisation to manifest what I desired, to help me stay accountable, change my limiting beliefs, release my emotions and prime my brain on taking the right action and making the right choices. And I haven’t been the only one. Thousends of successful athletes and entrepreneurs use visualisatio on the daily to acheive their goals and manifest their dreams. So can you!

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Why is mentoring worth the energetic investment?

(money is also just a form of energy) Investing in yourself can be scary, I know this first-hand (I invested in my dreams ever since I started chasing them. I invested a 6-figure amount into my business and my personal growth over the course of the last 6 years, and I don’t plan to stop any time soon as I know the immense benefits it’s giving me). But it truly makes all the difference between a good and an extraordinary life. I always try to see it from that perspective: If you want to get in shape you need to invest in not only time to train and eat well but also into a gym membership, personal trainer or nutritionist. Well if you want to grow personally or spiritually and manifest your DreamLife, you not only have to put in the work, you can also invest in someone to teach you what you need to know and help you get there faster. If you feel called to invest into me as your personal mentor and thus, into your DreamLife, be sure of the fact that I treat your goals like my own and make them (and you) number 1 on my priority list.
Change always starts when things get moving. Movement requires some form of action. Drastic movement requires massive action. Action you can take right here, right now. Change starts with you.
 So, discover the mystery behind “Let’s make it happen”!

PS: The world needs you!

This world needs change. It needs more happiness and positivity. And it needs more purpose. I truly believe that change is made on a collective level and that only when each person herself decides to move towards positively transforming within herself and her lives and learning how to choose happiness, change in this world can be made. We need to be our most unique, most authentic selves to bring happiness and joy to this earth. So, I hope that by making individuals lives happier, one at a time, we can together make this world a happier place, starting with you. What do you say?


No worries!

“Our imagination is the most powerful tool we have, it allows us to overcome obstacle, create a reality that is magical and attract whatever we desire.”