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My Mentoring Approach

It’s time to practice new ways of living, new ways of doing, new ways of looking at yourself. ​

You are powerful. You can achieve anything you want. You are worthy. And you are in control of how you react to life. It is within your power to choose how you feel and how you design your reality. 

I believe life can be whatever you want it to be but it sure is what you make of it. The world is big and possibilities are endless but not if you stay small minded and remain stuck in your own small bubble. That is why we need to learn to think better, act more, dream bigger and speak louder. We need to access a modality that we don’t usually rely on to trigger new and alternate ways of thinking! And we need to find ways to turn insight into motivation and autopilot into action.

Hi, I am Tara, mentor & trainer for all things personal and spiritual growth as well as holistic wellbeing.

I support some of the most amazing, highly ambitious human beings on this planet with being themselves, moving past their limitations, finding purpose, achieving their goals, mastering their mind, nurturing their soul and creating happiness and success in all areas of their lives.

Freedom, Transformation, Excitement & Experience

I help you create and live a life they don’t need a vacation from, gain emotional, mental and physical freedom and last but not least enable you to live a more exciting, adventurous and extraordinary life. I trigger transformation, increase performance, boost excitement, find fulfilment and improve their experience of life through helping them to master their mind, nurture their body & soul and achieve their goals.  How?

The goal is simple: To make a DreamLife available to everyone. To enable people to gain emotional, mental and physical freedom and create a life they don’t need a vacation from by showcase a way to have the best, most amazing experience of life.

In everything I do, aim to make this world a happier and healthier place to live in. To do this I empower to think different, stay stoked and be intentional. I am driven by curiosity, positivity, sustainability, authenticity and potential. Which means, I think outside the box, am uplifting and creative, protect what I love, stay true to who I am and what I stand for and leave everyone crossing my path more intentional, more powerful and more positive.

Through my mentoring, products and services I help highly ambitious, enthusiastic and curious women to overcome their physical, mental and emotional limitations that are holding them back from being themselves, living their best lives and achieving their goals. I do this through coaching them on finding purpose, mastering their mind, nurturing their souls & body and improving their strategy and balance in life. Unlike others I am completely ICF accredited and make proximity between each other key.  My secret recipe is coaching a long with a dose of mentoring and EFT and a sprinkle of personal experience and voila you’ve got the Dreamlife Secret that I use to empower, transform and inspire. My coaching services

  • help you get unstuck
  • help you get happier, healthier and more effective
  • give you intention, power and positivity
  • help you be yourself, live your best life and make a difference!
  • help you get happier, more resilient, more mindful and more successful
  • help you being yourself
  • help you making dreams come true
  • help you with achieving goals
  • help you mastering your mind
  • help you to nurture your soul and bring balance and joy into your life
  • Help you create a life they don’t need a vacation from
  • Create mental, emotional and physical freedom for people
  • Help you find balance between work and life that is focused on bringing you joy and making moments that matter
  • Fuel your body
  • Find fulfilment

So, if you’ve ever felt you can do more, deserve more or be better than you currently are, let me help you to move past your current paradigm and – Live beyond limitations.

Dreamlife Project

After almost 5 years of research, constant practice of new and known strategies and gaining experience through inspiring and motivating hundreds of people to make a change in their lives, the DreamLife project was born.

The DreamLife project is a unique collection of programs and workshops that I use to help my clients increase their performance, trigger transformation and boost excitement. It consists of a toolkit that helps people like you to create more positivity and momentum towards their dreams and live a more fulfilled life. DreamLife philosophy – which gives you mental and physical guidance to live a more mindful and content life – and the happiness goal concept – which helps to establish a hustle-life balance as well as gives a strategy to become more productive by investing less time, less energy and less money.

The DreamLife Project is an approach that opens new possibilities for those who engage with it. It gives you the opportunity to transform your life and yourself from within and without, by focusing on what I call the 5 facets of change: Awareness, Mindset, Mindfulness, Strategy and Health. This holistic approach makes it possible for you to unlock your potential, improve performance, boost excitement and better your experience of life.

The DreamLife project is about transforming lives to the happier, creating purpose and intention in your life and get you to achieve your goals. It is about finding happiness and success in all aspects of your live and thus start to experience the life you’ve always imagined for yourself and live it to the fullest.

“The DreamLife Project” stands for fun, connection, purpose, growth, adventure and balance. It is about growth. It is about learning and aiming to become a bit better every day. It is experiencing the joy of following your dreams, enjoying life and everything that comes with it and finally, about being active and living a healthy life to its fullest. It is about challenging yourself and growing into the best version of yourself.

The DreamLife Secret

Foundation of the DreamLife project and thus all my work is the DreamLife Secret, an approach that helped me be successful, be happy and create, live and enjoy my dream life and that I now use to help hundreds of people do the same.

The Dreamlife Secret is based on 5 pillars that I use to generate what I call million dollar results: Meaning, Happiness, Momentum, Freedom, Endless possibilities, Balance, Growth, Adventure, Bliss/Excitement, proximity, Healhing, Success, Awareness, Contentment.

Approaching those 5 pillars of freedom I:

  • Transform people and lives: Inspire people to travel, to engage in self-development to change their perspective, to chase their dreams and challenge their norm, to become more resilient and content in how they live life — which means bringing joy, change and contentment to people
  • Unlock potential: Make coaching available for everyone and thus help people make dreams come true and achieve a greater state of happiness and success that the one they are currently — which means enabling to use the potential that’s within all of us, inspiring you to change perspective and live life differently
  • Improve experience: Show people the importance of keeping the balance between hustling for their goals and following through but also giving themselves permission to just be and enjoy life which means bringing purpose, drive and authenticity to the way you live life and motivating you to go for what they want
  • Boost excitement: help people chose a positive mindset every day so they’re no longer held back from experiencing the true beauty and positivity that is within everything and all around us — which means introducing a new way of hustling and living to the world that is more mindful, sustainable and effective and challenging to see the good in everything and think positive
  • Improve performance: Nurture responsibility, autonomy and effective and thus set them up for greater success and happiness — which means making goal achieving easier and more effective

Mind. Body. Spirit.

While many coaches focus on only increasing performance and transformation in one area of your life, my approach is holistic.
That means, we focus on ALL areas of your life, your Mental State, your Life Situation, your Health, your Relationships, your Goals and Dreams, your Productivity as well as your spiritual alignment of all the above with who you want to be. That means we are approaching things on three levels, a spiritual, a personal and a strategical level to ensure quality and sustainability of the outcome.


To create holistic change, I work with what I call the five facets of change: Awareness, Mindset, Strategy, Mindfulness and Health. Which means, working with me you will learn to

  • Master your mind: Identify road blocks, address negative behaviour, liberate you from limiting thoughts, learn from your struggles, choose happiness and attract more love, more positivity and more momentum into your life.
  • Improve your strategy: Strategize and stay accountable so you get productive, reach your goals and free up time to spend it on what really matters. This is how we create freedom for you to do whatever you want, whenever you want, wherever you want.
  • Nurture your soul: Establish Mindfulness for greater alignment as well as creativity and a more balanced way of living. Surrender to what occurs in your life, be patient, give permission and forgive so you find inner peace and start enjoying life NOW instead of working towards doing so in the future.
  • Nurture your body: Improve your health, physically and mentally, so you can perform at your best and experience life in all its beauty. Build a supportive environment and beautiful connections so you can experience what it feels like to live up to your potential and have a positive impact on this world
  • Build and cultivate awareness around yourself and your life to develop a greater understanding of your wants, needs and desires so you have clarity, focus and control in and about life and yourself.

My evidence based methods

  • GROW Model
  • WISER Coaching Model + ICF Code of Ethics
  • EFT
  • Meditation + Guided Imagery
  • Affirmations + Positive Self-Talk
  • Journaling
  • Thought Model based on the Cognitive-Appraisal Theory
  • SMART Model 
  • Growth Mindset Principles
  • Yoga and exercise
  • Nutrition
  • Mindfulness as a solution (consciousness and awareness)
  • Nature connection
  • and more…

Mentoring versus Therapy

Mentoring is about making plans and creating change, in the past and the future. Therapy is often looking at your past and its effect on the present. Mentoring provides strategies and solutions to move forward with greater clarity, focus, and momentum.

  • Are you struggling to with your mindset?
  • Do you need to find a better balance?
  • Do you need to improve your life in any or all areas?
  • Do you want to be a better person? Improve the relationship with yourself and everyone around you?
  • Get unstuck and find momentum?
  • Start nurturing your soul and become more mindful?
  • Love yourself, your life and your body?
  • Build success, reach your next goal with an accountability partner.
  • Make your dreams come true.
  • Create stability, less stress, help with decision making.
  • Get happier, more resilient, more mindful and more successful.
  • Be yourself, live your best life and make a difference?

Contact me today with your needs and desire so I can help you select the best service for you. 

A world where everyone can be whoever they want to be… I focus on bringing personal transformation, happiness, balance, meaning and momentum to people and their way of life – becoming your best self and chasing your dreams is empowering, exciting and transformational!

What people say

Tara is a fantastic person and I apprechiated her flexibility with scheduling. The coaching session was really focused on my goals rather than your own ambitions which I thought was a good coaching practice. I was feeling very overwhelmed by my business/hobbies and frustrated with finding the right momentum. Tara helped me to see another perspective and a different way to approach my mindset about my problem. I enjoyed that it was a free flow conversation, it felt very personal. I think the new perspective with viewing my position as phases has helped me to feel less overwhelmed.
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Before my coaching session I was a bit lost without help and confidence that I can achieve some specific goals. But Tara helped me discover what was the problem. We made a program that fits my needs. After, I feel more confident and ready to try new things, get more committed and achieve my goals. Now I feel that getting to a final result is not so difficult! So, if you need someone to talk, who will help you to find your own ways of solving your problems, feeling better and improve yourself, Tara is the right person for you!
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Fulltime Traveler

My approach in Mentoring

I have a holistic approach, which means I focus on the person as a whole, all areas of life, and support people in changing on a personal, spiritual and strategical level, and thus, transform their lives. My main focus lies in combining the law of attraction with the scientific foundation of neural science and plasticity as well as the power of conscious action and with the power of intention.

MY PHILOSOPHY embodies autonomy, compassion, creativity, proximity and sustainability (update)
THE Awareness created in COACHING results in TRANSFORMATIONAL CHANGE. To me the most important thing is to NOT tell you what you should do, but help you find out for yourself. Because only when the solution comes from inside you, it is truly sustainable and effective. I am not thee one to tell you how you should do things or live your life. I am the one guiding and helping you to find the right direction and support you in any way I can. “To inspire to learn not teaching to do.”

What it means to live beyond limitations?

Lasting Happiness

Happiness is choice. The choice to create and live life in balance. The choice to see the positivity, the opportunity to grow in everything that happens to you and those around you. It is the choice to be at peace with where you are and what you have. The choice to look for happiness inside of you instead of in external things. And the choice to be open for what comes your way, good and bad and knowing that you can deal with anything. It is the choice to feel content with where you are while you are striving for improvement. True and lasting happiness comes from living a life in balance. Happiness is being one with life and accepting everything as it is, embracing the struggles and setbacks as well as celebrating the good times. Happiness is always there even if sometimes you can’t see or feel it. Even when you are deeply sad about something, there is still happiness within you. Lasting happiness is the essence of life.

Unleashed Potential​

A persons’ potential is the collective package or toolbox of unique skills, traits, beliefs, strengths and weaknesses, talents and experiences collected throughout their lives. Using ones’ potential means to make full use of your collective package of potential without any barriers or limitations in any given situation, to achieve your dreams and show up in the best way possible. Potential can be expanded through awareness, self-development and exposure to the unknown. It can be unleashed through increased awareness and performance and strategic goal setting. Making use of one’s potential is a huge booster of happiness as it triggers self-actualization and opens infinite possibilities for a person to shine and find meaning and purpose. Unleashed potential gives you the ability to do anything, anywhere and in any way. It gives you opportunities, freedom and endless possibilities

Ready for a more?

Special Elements

Beyond the DreamLife secret and all my professional tools and education I use these additional tools to bring change, happiness and mindfulness to you.


Traveling is foundation, approach and connection between all the values I teach in the DreamLife Secret. If it weren’t for traveling I wouldn’t be here teaching you what I know and helping you to build a self-determined, happy life. It is not necessarily a requirement to create your dream life, but it is for sure a great way to get started to boost happiness and momentum in your life. Traveling is one of the greatest tools a person can use to let more happiness into their life. How is that so? Well there is one simple secret to traveling, that makes it such a powerful tool: The reason why traveling gives us so much happiness is its ability to teach us to step out of our comfort zone and deal with whatever life throws at us. Traveling helps you find yourself. It isn’t always easy, but no matter how hard it seems and how lost you feel at times, once you overcome those moments of struggle you will return more conscious and happy. There is so much more to traveling then just the beautiful places you get to see. It triggers transformation. It helps you to:

  • Build awareness by throwing you out of your comfort zone
  • Improve your goals setting by showing you what is important
  • Be mindful by letting you experience the beauty of nature
  • Change your Mindset by forcing you to take life as it presents itself

And the coolest thing is, all those things in return help you to travel the world.


Surfing is the most wonderful way to practice Mindfulness. It is a beautiful way to connect with nature and be totally at one with your environment. Sport in general is said to be a great enhancer of positivity and mental health, but surfing especially can teach you amazing practices that, if included in our everyday life, can help us trigger transformation and excitement as well as up our performance. Amongst them:

  • Being patient
  • Surrendering and Accepting
  • Finding Contentment
  • Giving up control
  • Being Present
  • Dedication and Willpower


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MBA Specialization: Marketing & Branding

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Certified Professional Coach (WCI)

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Certified Guided Imagery Practicioner

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Coaching for Management Certification

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Surf Instructor Licence

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B.Sc. Sports Science

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Brand Management Certification

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Certified Nutritionist

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Certified EFT/TFT Practicioner

Discover the mystery behind “let’s make it happen” and schedule a free discovery to find out how.

With my help, you learn to step out of your comfort zone and become part of an adventure, build a life based on dreams, inspired by growth and lived with consciousness. You will create a life full of happiness – from within and without.


No worries!

“When you’re in the moment what seems to be impossible becomes possible.”