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Travel 4 Transformation

Transfrom your life through traveling!

Traveling is the most lifechanging thing you can do for yourself. It forces you to step out of your comfort zone, it makes you take on a different point of view and it lets you experience more joy and beauty than you ever imagined possible.

It makes us sad to see so many people give up their dreams of seeing the world and let the potential that lies in traveling to bring joy and transformation go unused, because they are too scared or don’t know how to get started that is why we not only help them to overcome what is in their way of traveling the world and ensure they are having the confidence and skills to chase their dream and have an amazing experience, but also helping them to increase joy and meaning in life through creating a life around the travelers mindset and lifestyle.

Travel 4 Transformation is a holistic travel coaching program which offers guidance and support on trip planning and preparation, personal growth, post travel symptoms, travel mindset and travel lifestyle choices.

Travel 4 Transformation Set Up

Set Up
  • 1:1 or group coaching
  • Virtual via zoom
  • Start time: at least 2-3 weeks before your trip
  • Phase 1 – pre: 3-4 sessions over 2-3 weeks
  • Phase 2 – during: 1 session per week + emergency calls and regular check ins
  • Phase 3 – post: 2-3 sessions in 2-3 weeks

There is a range of additional services and tools that might greatly benefit the transformation implemented through this program and can be purchased alongside such as Guided Imagery, Meditation, EFT and more!

What's included?
  • Notes from all sessions
  • Unlimited access via WhatsApp, FB messenger or email
  • Regular Check ins
  • Welcome package: Includes information about program, introduction in to the topic, a little something to get them started right (Preparation Ritual)

Full money back if there was no moment of transformation or desired results after the package is completed.


Add ons

There is a range of additional services and tools that might greatly benefit the transformation implemented through this program and can be purchased alongside.

  • EFT/TFT Sessions
  • Guided Imagery
  • Meditation
  • Brand development
  • Laser sessions
  • Brainstorming sessions
  • Email coaching
  • Special tools and templates

How it works?

Valuing yourself enough to invest in a one-to-one coaching relationship is one of the best gifts you can give yourself.

T4T helps you with all things considering traveling. Here, we teach you how to travel on your own or with a friend (or spouse). We’ll support you before, during and after your trip, giving you all the guidance you need to have a rewarding and transformational travel journey.

T4T helps you with all things considering traveling. It helps you overcome your fear of heading out into the unknown, gets you prepared for your trip, provides you with all necessary information and tools you need to have a successful and fun journey, while at the same time helping you to deal with things like post travel depression as well as implement transformations you made on your trip into everyday life.

T4T is about making sure you have the best, most amazing experience of your trip while at the same time teaching you to use a travellers’ mindset and lifestyle to become your best self and create a life full of bliss no matter where you are!

This program helps you to not only to make this dream come true but also to include traveling as foundation, approach and tool for personal growth and transformation towards building a happier, more meaningful life. T4T is created to increase the fun, excitement and growth you get while traveling through receiving support pre-, during and after your trip. Whether you are too scared to do it alone, need a travel buddy or simply want to experience traveling differently, this might be the program you’re looking for. This is your chance to use the potential for growth and happiness that lies within every moment of your life and start to include the stoke you get from traveling into your everyday.

We will guide you on your trips (not physically but emotionally). We’re there for you whenever it gets hard. We teach you how to travel the right way and prevent bad things from happening. And I help you to use what you are experiencing on your trip to initiate and boost transformation within yourself and your life. T4T means to not only experience the bliss of traveling but also to use it as a tool to live up to your potential and create the life you’ve always wanted.
Traveling is such a brave thing to do, so we get that you want guidance. That is what T4T is for. It gives you access to this incredible source of joy that brings you so much happiness and joy.

  • Pre, during and post guidance, travel coaching and support
  • Additional tools and techniques (if required)
  • Session notes with action plan and action steps
  • Regular check in
  • Unlimited access via WhatsApp, FB messenger or email
  • Tips and support to plan your trip (flight, accommodation, visa, destinations, packing, etc)
  • Mindset training (overcome fears and worries)
  • Trip preparation physical and emotional
  • Coaching on sustainable traveling
  • Virtual travel buddy
  • Advice and support to have an amazing experience
  • Mindset training to get the most out of your trip
  • On trip Self-Discovery + Self development Coaching
  • Emotional and practical support with problem solving
  • Post travel coaching (overcome post travel depression)
  • Mentorship on making the travel lifestyle stick
  • Travel mindset for every day life coaching

Ready to own your birth right?

By the end of this Program you will have...

Better Traveling
  • Proper backpacking experience without the hustle
  • Emotional and mental support on your trips
  • Guidance with planning and preparing for your trip
  • Smooth reintegration into everyday life after your trip (deal with post travel depression)
  • Learn different techniques like budgeting, traveling solo, places to stay, how to make friends, dealing with post-travel depression etc. to help you have an unforgettable trip
  • Virtual travel buddy: Guidance on your travels, I virtually travel with you and am here when you need help
  • Travel and surf sustainably and responsibly
  • Travel intentionally: Learn to get the most out of your trip
More Transformation
  • A Mindset shift that helps you to start traveling even when you were afraid before
  • Use traveling as a tool for change and awareness: use it to drop their interpretation of life and take on a new view that is more aligned with who they are/want to be,
  • Learn personal development and mindfulness: Step out of your comfort zone/challenge your fears while traveling and find out what you want, who you are, what makes you happy/unhappy, Stay conscious and calm in hard times (accept, surrender, let go, learn to deal with struggles)
  • Learn to use a travellers mindset and lifestyle as a tool to build a happier, more fulfilled life
  • Make traveling a lifestyle beyond your trip
  • Keep your momentum and achieve your goals while traveling the world
  • Learn to travel & Know everything you need to know to make you trip unforgettable

For whom is the program?

Freebirds, scared to travel alone, lost an overwhelemed about how to organize their trip. Afraid of the uncertainty and uncontrollability of the activity itself. Discouraged by the challenges and struggles of planning a trip and afraid to be lonely during ones travel. We know this, we’ve been there and we have a solution for you: Coaching combined with hands on travel planning and a virtual travel buddy.

What people say

Working with Tara was an amazing experience. She has wisdom beyond her years and has a welcoming, easy flow to her approach as a coach. She always comes up with the absolute best questions to really get me thinking on a deeper level. Tara is as authentic as they come and really wants to help others succeed. You can feel that energy in every session you have with her...it makes you want to come back for more!
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Tara is a wonderful coach and I thoroughly enjoyed my experience with her. Tara is kind, compassionate, intelligent and has a well structured approach to problem solving. She whipped me in to shape to organise the technology side of my business which is something I’ve been dreading for over a decade. I highly recommend, without hesitation, booking a program with Tara!
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Traveling is truly amazing

Traveling holds something special. It holds a magical essence that you can’t get anywhere else. The way in which it exposes you to the rawness of this world, to other cultures, to yourself. Traveling gives you something you can get no were else. It gives you experiences that change you forever. It takes things into perspective. It changes your way of thinking and shows you what really matters. It gives you connection, it gives you consciousness and it gives you transformation. It makes you more mindful, it teaches patience and surrender. It builds your confidence and your trust. It makes you stronger and more resilient. It makes you see, hear and feel. It makes you appreciate, value and wonder. It makes you curious and adventurous. It makes you believe. Believe that there is more out there, that happiness is infinite and that possibilities are endless.

Traveling is a way to expose yourself to uncertainty and challenge which helps you to not only trigger personal growth and gain confidence but also boosts mental toughness and enhance joy in life. We know for some people it is scary to take this step and travel the world, especially when they’re alone. Travel for transformation helps you to overcome that fear. We prepare you to travel the world, help you overcome the fear that is in your way to make that dream come true and guide you along the way, before during and after your trip so you get the most out of it

And we help you to deal with things like post travel depression as well as implement transformations you made on your trip into everyday life and use traveling as a tool to get self-awareness, self-confidence and learn to practice self-development so you get a step closer to a life cycled around your dreams, with more freedom and happiness and momentum in it.

We are in this together!

Here is how Travel 4 Transformation changed my life…

Traveling changed my life. It is the most amazing thing that I ever did for myself. It thought me awareness and self-development which are fundamental to transform. It showed me what it feels like to love yourself unconditionally and it taught me the incredible momentum and joy your get from going for what you want. I am beyond grateful for this amazing life and the happiness that I get to experience every single day, that I promised myself to help others experience it too. I want them to see that there is so much more happiness right in front of them, that there so much love and beauty in ever thing. In every moment.

Every day I see and meet so many amazing people who all deserve to live their dream. And I know for a fact that every single one of them has it within her, everything they need to create that DreamLife.

Humanity has an undeniable need for purpose and meaning, for direction. The relationship we have with our kind and our environment is proof that change is needed. But you can see already the willingness and longing of change from so many individuals. They want more out of their lives, they want purpose and meaning, they want to live up to their potential.

I’ve always been a high achiever, dedicated, well organised and ready to give my everything towards things I was passionate about. So, once I discovered the secret to happiness and momentum in life it was only natural for me that I had to help others do the same so they too could experience the beauty of living consciously and start enjoying life as it unfolds for them. I made it my mission to help others improve their performance in life and transform themselves so that they enhance happiness and freedom towards a more fulfilled life based on their dreams.

I promised myself to help others take this step, live up to their potential and create the life they imagine for themselves and others. Because real change happens through all of us. And we need to be our most unique and most authentic selves to bring happiness and joy into this world.

…ready to get to travel the world?​

Why is coaching worth the energetic investment?

(money is also just a form of energy) Investing in yourself can be scary, I know this first-hand (I invested in my dreams ever since I started chasing them. I invested a 6-figure amount into my business and my personal growth over the course of the last 6 years, and I don’t plan to stop any time soon as I know the immense benefits it’s giving me). But it truly makes all the difference between a good and an extraordinary life.
If you feel called to invest into me as your personal mentor and thus, into your DreamLife, be sure of the fact that I treat your goals like my own and make them (and you) number 1 on my priority list.

Change always starts when things get moving. Movement requires some form of action. Drastic movement requires massive action. Action you can take right here, right now. Change starts with you.
​ So, discover the mystery behind “Let’s make it happen”!

PS: Do you believe in destiny. Like I do?

Are you currently looking for guidance to change the way you approach life, goal setting and the relationship you have with yourself? Do you want to create momentum, positivity and mindfulness around how you live life and approach your goals? Do you want more intention, more power and more positivity? Do you want a strong and kind mindset, an effective and sustainable strategy and intentional and mindful practices to support you on this adventure called life. This might me be the sign you’ve been waiting for.


No worries!

“Traveling is the most wonderful thing in this world.”