My Story

You and me we are connected. We are one, we are the same. We are the universe.

"I believe that life is there to be lived and everyone deserves to live the life they love."

I am is a life and success coach for ambitious, enthusiastic human beings who are ready to overcome their limitations, mentally and physically, and desire to fearlessly go after their dreams by teaching them how to combine awareness, mindset, mindfulness and goal setting.
I have a holistic approach and supports people in changing on a personal, spiritual and strategical level, and thus, transform their lives.

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I am the founder of „Tara Fischer – Coaching for performance, change & well being“ – a personal brand and online platform focused on positive thinking, sustainable success and mindful living.
I work as a certified brand developer, change coach, EFT practitioner and sports scientist.
I’m coaching high-achieving, ambitious people in the fields of personal growth, mental health, goal setting, mindfulness and health all whilst inspiring people around the world to live an happier and healthier life and make their own dreams come true.
My core message is that everything is possible for anyone as long as you are committed to putting in the work and trusting in yourself.
“Happiness is a choice you make and a lifestyle you develop“ is my life motto that I’m living by every single day.


Because the German way of thinking and living didn’t resonate with my own beliefs and view of the world. From my first splash of stoke when I was 12, I knew deep down that there was more out there for me to experience…more places to explore, more waves to surf, more joy to experience, different ways to live, deeper connections to make…

My heart told me to go, and so, I did.
I travelled the world for 6 years, went to places like Australia, Hawaii, central America, Bali and South Africa and surfed amazing waves while at the same time studying sports science and teaching people how to surf. Traveling became my vehicle for change, the ocean my sanctuary and together it became the bliss and power that drives my every doing. After experiencing what it meant to live life to the fullest and experience your dreams come true, I knew I must enable other people to do this too. So I did, I not only made sure I was continuing to live this dream life of mine but also sharing the stoke with all around the world. When I put my mind to something, nothing can stop me. I makes sure it’s gonna happen.
Which, in this case, meant working hard, saving up a decent amount of money, getting my coaching business started and continuing to explore the world on the search for perfect waves.

My core values are autonomy, freedom, self-actualisation and endless opportunities for personal growth and adventure. I dedicated my life to offering service, nurturing my own growth and making this world a happier and healthier place to live in.
 The main message I share on social media is the concept that “we are all connected and we all deserves to be happy and live the life of our dreams”. In addition to following a healthy hustle life balance for 6 years, I am also an advocate for living as eco-friendly as possible, cultivating a holistic approach to life, and seeking challenges wherever I can. I shares my knowledge about the power of our minds, and of course… choosing happiness and mindfulness on a daily basis.

Today, I am a holistic life and transformation coach. I help high achieving people unlock their potential within and supports them in creating a life full of dreams from without. In everything I do, I starts with why: The beauty of life that needs to be experienced add the endless possibilities of doing it.

Live beyond Limitations!

Imagine a life without limitations. A life full of dreams, joy and momentum.

This world needs change. It needs more happiness and positivity. And it needs more purpose. I truly believe that change is made on a collective level and that only when each person herself decides to move towards positively transforming within herself and her lives and learning how to choose happiness, change in this world can be made. We need to be our most unique, most authentic selves to bring happiness and joy to this earth. So, I hope that by making individuals lives happier, one at a time, we can together make this world a happier place.

I believe change starts with each one of us being happy and successful in what we do and how we live our lives.

Sustainable transformation to Positivity. Power. Potential.

It’s not enough to just help you get more transformation, more excitement and a better performance and experience of life.

I want to give you more. I want to make this journey INTENTIONAL, POWERFUL and POSITIVE.

After almost 5 years of research, constant practice of new and known strategies and gaining experience through inspiring and motivating hundreds of people to make a change in their lives, the DreamLife project was born. The DreamLife project is a unique collection of programs and workshops that I use to help my clients increase their performance, trigger transformation and boost excitement. It consists of a toolkit, the DreamLife Secret, that helps people like you to create more positivity and momentum towards their dreams and live a more fulfilled life.

The DreamLife Secret is a lifestyle approach that opens new possibilities for those who adapt it.

It gives you the opportunity to get to know themselves, transform life and themselves from within and without. It supports you with establishing freedom, momentum, mental and physical health and happiness. Focusing on generating awareness, changing Mindsets, implementing strategy, increasing mindfulness and improving health, this holistic approach makes it possible for you to live and enjoy life to the fullest while still achieving goals, and not only that but achieving them in a more sustainable way, that generates positivity and happiness along the way. The DreamLife secret is about transforming life’s to the happier, creating excitement around yourself, your life and your goals and start to experience the life you’ve always imagined for yourself

This lifestyle approach leads you to more meaning, more momentum and more mindfulness in life and eveything your do.

A little note from Tara:

Life is an adventure. Life is like traveling a journey and that means, happiness and success can never be achieved like a goal. They’re not a final destination nor is your DreamLife or your best self.
I believe that happiness and being your best self isn’t about reaching a certain point, it’s about making that choice every day to learn, to grow, to be happy. Living your best life is not about achieving your goals or becoming your best self as in reaching a final destination. It’s about enjoy the process of making it happen. It’s about embracing the process of learning about yourself and working on yourself, refining and shaping that raw diamond that you are.
It’s about creating that reality, that dream, that you are imagining anew every single day. That is the endless possibility, the beautiful, that lies within life. That you’ve never ever reached a final destination but there’s always new things to discover, new perspectives to see, different ways to experience life. You can completely reinvent yourself every day and change the reality you experience, because life of journey it’s your dream trip and you decide what to explore on it. It’s about knowing that there’ll be struggles and hard ship but also trusting that the adventure continues and celebrating the good and the bad times equally.
Living your best life and creating lasting happiness is not about having a quick fix, but it’s about developing tools and techniques that enable you to have the best experience of it every single day, that make sure you gain momentum with working towards personal growth. It’s about having the tools you need to create the reality you want for yourself no matter what might get in your way. It’s about establishing that support for yourself that you need in order to have the most amazing time of your life on that very special dream trip.
And that’s what I made my mission. I want to give you the tools and practices you need to master this journey, to be able to experience all the beauty you discover along the way in the most valuable and rewarding way and to master the challenges of life in the best and most confident way possible. My work is about redefining living by making it a dream trip to experience and a journey full of opportunities rather than a means to an end.
I belief life is an adventure and there’s no need to ever settle down. You might want to rest along the way or just enjoy where you are at this moment. But eventually there’ll come a time where you want to go again and explore different places, different versions of yourself, different goals, different ways of living, different ways of doing, different ways of seeing the world. There’s so much out there for you to discover, so much you don’t know about. Your whole life is full of surprises and so are you. There’s so much magic and potential inside of you and it’s my job to help you discover it. It’s my job to make sure you have the best, smoothest and most memorable experience of life and part of that is to make sure you are set up with the right gear (mindset, strategies, awareness, mindfulness) to deal with what ever struggles you might face along the way.

And that’s where I’m at today. My life used to be a roller coaster full of ups and downs. It was exhausting. At times I felt super excited and happy and at other times I was devastated. I was restless and moody, I used to get caught up in my thoughts and easily distracted and discouraged by what I believed about myself. I was not in sync with myself and my life and that affected everything, my relationships, my work, how I thought about myself, how I went about my day, how and which goals I pursue and most importantly how I felt about getting up every day. My mental health and happiness were a really fluctuating state. When good things happened I was the happiest but as soon as that state got shaky, my facade crumbled and I found myself in self pity and worry. And as quickly as my moods changes so did my goals and priorities. I found myself trying different things all the time, never finishing something or finishing but not pursuing it further. It was super unsatisfying and frustrating.
This roller coaster of emotions and priorities got me really exhausted. One day I decided it was enough. It was time for me to get some peace, some focus and some consistency.

I decided to take on this challenge and find a way to feel calm and content with where I am and whatever happened in my life at a given moment. I wanted to find a way to feel in alignment with myself and my life. I wanted to make time for what really mattered, to prioritise those goals that were most important, to create habits that actually took me somewhere, to pursuit goals that were aligned with my view of the world, take actions that brought me to those goals and to do this with consistent, dedication and focus. I wanted to not just do stuff but do it with a purpose in mind, I wanted to get up every day excited for another day to chase my dreams and do what I get to do. I wanted to not just live life but life it for a reason, and I wanted to be able to feel happy and successful not just occasionally but whenever I wanted.

I put my mind to something, and I made it happen.

    6 years later I found the tools and techniques I need to:
    Stay in complete alignment with who I am and where I’m at
    Stay true to myself and my lifestyle
    Keep my mind in the right place and not let myself get affected by negative thoughts and emotions
    I know what my purpose is in life and every goal I have and action I take serves this cause
    I feel good about myself and my life every single day and know that where I am is exactly where I need to be
    I have the calm and the patience to live life slow and really take it all in
    And most importantly, I am no longer controlled by my feelings or thoughts but I am in control of them and that gives me time money and energy to finally live the life I’m blessed with not just half heartedly but with all my heart and soul.
      life and success coaching

      If you feel you have to do it alone.

      We need to talk!

      Fact is, you don’t have to figure everything out by yourself over the course of 12 years like I did. You can indeed take a shortcut to your goals and to happiness as well. And I am happy to show you the way.

      Instead of struggling with trial & error, you can stick to strategies and tools that have been proven to work. See, you can have this transformation in a few months, if you are truly committed to becoming that version of yourself and your life you are holding onto.
      You are meant to live that life you are gifted with. You are meant to be that person you aspire to be, that person who beliefs in herself, who loves herself and her life, that person who lives the prove of endless possibilities and a life without limitations.

      Over the course of the past year, I have helped many beautiful people transform their lives in the way I transformed mine, by using proven methods and strategies that I apply in all 1:1 programs.

      As you are special, each one of them is. They all serve a special cause and can change your life in different ways. Theres no one size fits all so i made it my priority to customise and adapt to your needs. My coaching programs are about you, because it is your life that we are transforming.
      Because you’re reading this, I’m assuming you are READY to let go of the limiting beliefs that are holding you back and take massive action towards destination dream life.
      It’s time to gain the clarity and confidence you need to go through life as if you were unstoppable. Because you are. You’ve got every thing it takes. You just need to learn how to use it.

      Have you ever felt like you could do more, you deserved more? That your life was meant to have an impact. Do you want to be happy, to spend every second of your life doing something you love? Do you wanted to change something in this world and leave something good behind? I know you do, and I do too.

      I always thought I had to do it alone, to have to figure it out alone. But I was wrong.  You don’t have to figure it out alone, you don’t have to find your purpose alone, and you most certainly don’t have to deal with all the challenges and struggles that come along this journey without any support.

      After realizing that I don’t have to do it alone, that it is sooo much easier and more fun to create your DreamLife and have an impact when you do it together I promised myself to become that person for others.

      Let me be that preson for you!

      Schedule a no-cost discovery call to see if I am the right fit for you to hold you accountable and help you choose happiness.

      I believe in human potential. I believe we can all become our best selves and make our dreams come true by seeking change and becoming more intentional. And the secret lies in doing things differently.

      Let me drop the truth:

      Life is an adventure. We are put on this planet with all the possibilities of becoming whoever we want to be, doing the things we want to do and we are destined to learn how to do it.
      YOU are here on this planet to live life to the fullest, to do what inspires you and to spread the stoke to others.
      Stop letting others tell you how to life your live. Their path is not yours. Trust me when I tell you that there is so much more out there for you to discover, to achieve and create, and up until now, you’ve only got a small taste of what is possible.

      Get ready to create a life based on dreams, inspired by growth and lived with passion.
      Are you Ready to unlock those superpowers within you and take massive action towards your dreams? 

      My Certifications Sports Science
      Brand Management: Aligning Business, Brand and Behaviour
      Fitness Trainer B-Licenze
      Surf Coach Certification
      Coaching Skills for Managers Specialization
      Holistic Nutritionist Certification
      EFT & TFT Tapping Practitioner

      Still reading?

      A few more things that you might find interesting about me...

      I suffered from perfectionism ever since I am a teenager. Self-development and Mindset work however helped me to overcome most of the perfectionistic beliefs and habits that were holding me back from achieving and I can now use my aim to produce quality outcome without standing in my own way.

      I had so many moments where I looked in the mirror and hated myself. I was never enough, never did enough or had enough. I always wanted to be in control of things, and if I weren’t that freaked me out. I couldn’t love myself for who I was and where I was. This very typical trait of perfectionism lead to serious mental health problems, eating restriction and physical fatigue. Luckly I cut the corner just early enough to not loose my happiness, health or momentum towards my acutal dreams.

      My interest in fitness and health back in my teens motivated me to start studying sports science. Despite that I don’t want to work in this field, the knowledge that I gained through my studies helps me a lot to give professional advice on mental and physical health, which both is foundation to a happy and fulfilled life.

      Ever since I graduated high school I’ve been traveling the world. I’ve been only home whenever I needed to make money or write exams at university. I’ve travelled over 20 countries with the age of 24 and don’t intend to stop.

      Before I started having my own lifestyle transformation and performance coaching I worked part time as a surf instructor whenever I was at the beach. Surfing is my passion and I love nothing more than teaching people about my passions. Btw. same goes for what I teach here. I am so passionate about happiness that it feels a must to help people find some too.

      I’ve always been a peoples’ person and I love all of them. I’m never angry or holding a grudge because I simply think life is too short and to amazing to spend it with any negative feelings. I am all about chatting, connecting and sharing love and positivity all around this planet, because seriously there are so many amazing human beings out there and we can all learn and inspire each other.

      Back when I started traveling I got into writing by setting up my own travel blog. After a few years, I experienced how much impact I had on people through my post. So, I continued sharing my experiences, thoughts and knowledge through my writing. I got to love it so much that I even published my own books about self-development, Mindset and Traveling. You can find them in my shop.

      Cooking is one of my long-time passions and I love nothing more than a home cooked, delicious and healthy meal. Back in the days, when I dedicated most of my time to cooking and exploring new recipes and nutrition forms, I wrote my own cookbook. Just for fun.

      There are only a few copies left, but I am planning on realizing a new one very soon. Sign up to my newsletter to stay up to date.


      I love watching people and analysing their behaviours and thoughts. And there is nothing more fulfilling for me than helping people. That’s why coaching as a profession for me was the perfect fit. I can help people through my knowledge and awareness that I build by watching them and their behaviours. I can use my skills to change their lives and impact them in a positive way.

      Reading and listening to Podcasts
      Being Active
      The power of the impossible

      The Ocean (always)
      Banana with almond butter
      The number 3
      The Present

      Health and fitness has always been one of my main areas of interest. That’s why back in 2016 I decided to take my personal trainer and nutritionist license. I’ve always knewn that physical health plays a huge role when it comes to ones happiness and overall perforamance in life. So I am excited to bring my transfromation within peoples live through those skills and knowledge.

      It was when I went back to university, the place I disliked the most, that I discovered how it all fit’s together. Here’s the diary entry I wrote when I realised what my purpose was and how I could live up to my potential.

      “I finally know how it all fits together it’s all fallen into place. My studies, my passion for traveling and surfing, my interest in learning new things and educating others, my talent in time management, positive thinking and goal setting as well as my ability and love for analysing behaviour and thought patterns. My urge to give advice and support, my love for connecting, my interests for health, fitness and sustainability, my experience with Mindset changes and self-development, my talent in being productive, my excitement about this life and my longing for helping others and bringing change and positivity about this world.
      I finally know what I have to do, where my place is. All the above lead me to this one profession: being transformation and performance coach specialising in helping people become happier, healthier, more productive and closer to their DreamLife.”

      Tara Fischer on other plattforms

      Guest blog on Travel Collective:

      Overcoming body image issues through traveling + 8 secret healthy travel tips

      Overcoming body image issues through traveling has made me not think: “Nah, I can’t eat this. Too many carbs. And I really need to watch out for my weight!”, all the time.

      Interview on the watershed blog:

      It is in the south of Portugal that I done this interview with the pretty Tara. Met one month earlier on Instagram, I took the opportunity to meet her in real life. Positive impact blogger, Tara’s journey and commitment inspires me. Through her articles, she shares with her community a big dose of motivation and postive vibes. She gladly accepted to answer my questions. I hope it will inspire you too.

      “Happiness is a choice you make and a lifestyle you develop.”

      Tara Fischer