My Promise

You get to choose your level of greatness.

It is within your power to choose your level of greatness and I made it my mission to show you how!

With my help, you learn to step out of your comfort zone, use your potential and become a higher self. You will be part of an adventure, build a life based on dreams, inspired by growth and lived with consciousness and create space in your life to enhance transformation, excitement and experience for a life full of happiness – from within and without.

Choosing your level of greatness means choosing


Between you and life, between you and this earth, between people, between you and me.


To see the good things in life, live in excitement and enjoy life and all that comes with it. Welcome everything with love and positivity.


To craft a unique, actionable strategy and approach to your very personal dream life. Creativity to live a life full of colour and inspiration and use the energy of life to take action.


To live up to your potential, use this special gift that only you have to be who you are with all your flaws and insecurities, craft your own version of a dream life and stay true to yourself and others.


Sustainable, lasting change within yourself, your life and on this earth. Being good to this planet. Protecting what we love, what brings us peace and happiness and what gives us room and space to live.

We are in this together.

Together we can

Choose happiness, improve your performance and create holistic freedom for you to do whatever you want, whenever you want, wherever you want  

Build and cultivate awareness + develop a greater understanding of your wants, needs and desires so you can create freedom to live an independent, self-determined life

Practice self-development for identifying and maximising strengths as well as developing tools to reframe weaknesses so you can step into a loving relationship with yourself that will empower you and generate a positive perspective to become a higher self

Identify road blocks, think positive and address negative behaviour and liberate you from limiting thought processes that create those road blocks so you can accept and learn from your struggles, find self-love, prepare for the unknown and choose happiness to attract more love, more positivity and more momentum into your life

Set the right goals that are aligned with your dreams and your purpose and take action in a fun and energizing way so you create an independent, self-determined lifestyle and experience what it feels like to achieve your dreams

Surrender to what occurs in your life, find clarity and confidence within the unknown territory of your future be patient, give permission and forgive so you find inner peace and start enjoying life NOW instead of working towards doing so in the future

Build a wonderful, strong and healthy physical foundation which means focusing on improving sleep, exercise, nutrition, recovery and self-care, no matter where you are, so you feel comfortable in your skin, are able to perform at your best and experience life in its full beauty

Build a supportive environment and beautiful connections so you can experience what it feels like to live up to your potential and have a positive impact on this world

Use traveling as foundation, approach and tool for personal growth and transformation towards more happiness + make traveling a lifestyle without losing momentum towards success in life

Use sport as a tool for building resilience and body awareness so you can experience life to your best ability and give your body, mind and soul what it needs to be happy

We will take you from lost, unfocused, overwhelmed, other-directed, stuck, stressed out, restless and unhappy with life to self-determined, confident, self-aware, balanced, peaceful, focused, productive, happier and with more momentum towards your dreams so you can find the happiness that you are seeking and start living a more fulfilled life.

Have you ever felt like you could do more, you deserved more? That your life was meant to have an impact. Do you want to be happy, to spend every second of your life doing something you love? Do you wanted to change something in this world and leave something good behind? I know you do, and I do too.

I always thought I had to do it alone, to have to figure it out alone. But I was wrong.  You don’t have to figure it out alone, you don’t have to find your purpose alone, and you most certainly don’t have to deal with all the challenges and struggles that come along this journey without any support.

After realizing that I don’t have to do it alone, that it is sooo much easier and more fun to create your dreamlife and have an impact when you do it together I promised myself to become that person for others.

I made it my mission to help people choose their level of greatness and be the person who believes in them when they can’t.

If you feel you have to do it alone.

We need to talk!

Let me be that person for you!

Schedule a no-cost discovery call to see if I am the right fit for you to hold you accountable and help you choose happiness.

It’s time to practice new ways of living, new ways of doing, new ways of looking at yourself.

Join me on this journey and not only become happier yourself, but also spread the stoke and make the world a happier and healthier place.

“Happiness is a choice you make and a lifestyle you develop”

Tara Fischer