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Travel cheap and prepare for the future: 6 reasons every student should do an exchange semester

Are you thinking of going abroad to study but still having doubts? Here are a few reasons you should definitely do an exchange semester.

Travel guide Morocco: A simple guide to travel Morocco as a woman (and man) – Things to do and where to eat and stay

Planning a Morocco trip? Here are some tips for places to stay, eat and things to do in Morocco as well as tips to travel Morocco as a woman.

Portuguese pastry: 3 delicious sweet treats you have to try

Traveling to Portugal? Here are three absolutely delicious pastries you have to try. They are sweet, creamy and fluffy. All you need to be happy.

Stunning photo spots: 8 beautiful places around the world that are worth a visit

Looking for travel photo inspiration? This post showes 8 places around the world that are stunning photo spots. Come let's travel the world and take photos.

Find the travel stoke: 6 effective ways to immediately overcome homesickness while traveling

Feeling homsick while traveling? No worries, here are a few tips that will help you overcome homesickness and get back the joy in traveling.

Travel the world, but when? How to find the best time to travel the world

Do you want to travel the world but don't know when? Here are some tips on finding the best time to travel and fulfil this dream of yours. Let's travel!

Stay fit while traveling: Travel Workout Routine + How traveling gave me the body I always wanted

Want to travel but stay fit? Here is an easy to follow travel workout routine that will help you reach your goals. Let's get fit and have fun.

Where to live while traveling? Living in a Hostel Pros and Cons to make your travels awesome

Where to live while traveling? A very good question, I'm going to answer today. Read the pros and cons about hostels, hotels, campsites and apartements.

5 personal fears you have to face while traveling and how to overcome them today

Struggling with a culture shock? Here are some personal fears we all have to face while traveling and some tips to overcome them and start having fun.

Afford to travel non-stop – A simple secret to save money and travel on a budget

How can you afford to travel for a month, two months, a year, ten years? Here are some tips on how to save money and make your dream of traveling happen.

Saying goodbye – one of the hardest things on traveling and how to make it easier

Saying goodbye while traveling is never easy. Though there are positive side effects too. And there's something you can do to make it easier. Here is how.

7 easy tips to prevent losing yourself while traveling and use the change to find yourself

It's normal to get lost when you traveling. However, there are things you can do to prevent losing yourself while traveling and I am about to share them.

Long-distance friendships pros and cons and how to make them work

Distance friendships are a comon thing within traveling. Though how can you make them work? Here are some tips how you can stay in touch.

A bunch of questions every long-term traveller hates answering and what to ask instead

Are you sometimes annoyed by answering the same question over and over again? Here are some questions every long-term traveller hates. Dig in and enjoy.

How to prevent a Jet leg – feel fresh and juicy when you arrive

Ever suffered from a jet leg? Here are some tips to help you prevent a jet leg and feel fresh and fit once you land. This post will improve your travels.

The downside of long-term traveling: Why being on the road isn’t all sunshine and glory

Traveling isn't all sunshine and glory. This post is perparing you for the downside of long-term travleing so you know what you are getting yourself into.

8 reasons to spend more time with locals while traveling – Really get to know the country

A must do while traveling is to spend time with locals. Here are some reasons why this is so important and how it can make your travels more amazing.

8 inspiring ways in which traveling helps you improve your personality – Find confidence and happiness

Traveling has many benefits. One of them is that traveling helps you improve your personality. Read here how traveling can change you to the positive.

16 inspiring and entertaining travel quotes to get you fired up and stoked to travel right away

Here are 16 inspiring travel quotes that make you want to travel right away. Funny, entertaining and heart touching. These handpicked quotes will keep up the travel spirit and inspire you to travel the world. Let's get inspired.

What to bring: 7 things you should bring on any trip + the ultimate packing tip to travel carefree

Are you packing for your next trip? Here are 7 things you must bring on your trip and I also show you how you pack effectively to travel carefree.

Why now is the perfect time to step out of your comfort zone and travel solo as a woman

Are you not finding a travel buddy? No worries, it's got so many benefits to travel solo as a woman and I'm about to share them all with you. This is your kick in the but to step out of ...

5 reasons how living in a tent for 6 months can change you as a person and improve your self-awareness

Have you ever wondered how it is to live in a tent for six months? Well I have gone trough it and experienced some great life change. Here I tell you my experience of living in a tent for six ...

7 things you need to do before traveling – How to prepare for one year abroad

Do you want to go abroad for one year and are afraid you forget doing everything necessary before? Well then this is what you need. I give you 7 things you need to do before traveling for one year and ...

Overcome post-travel depression (Part 6): What it takes to travel the world and study full time at once – A perfect strategy for you

Do you want to get a degree while traveling but think it is impossible? Well I got you. Here is what it takes to travel the world and study at the same time. Read about my experience and receive a ...

Overcome post-travel depression (Part 5): 8 tips on how to crush it every day that will help you achieve your goals while traveling

Do you want to build a career while traveling the world but are struggeling to keep working towards your goals while being on the road? Then I have 8 tips for you that will make sure you stay on track ...

Overcome post-travel depression (Part 4): How to find your perfect travel-life-balance – Combine your desire to travel with the necessity of meeting obligations

Do you feel stuck between two worlds? Are you looking for a way to combine traveling with obligations such as working or studying? Well, here are some tips and tricks on how to maintain a travel-life balance, build a career ...

Overcome post-travel depression (Part 3): How to fit back in and adjust your life after traveling the world – A personal experience

Are your feeling lost after traveling the world? Are you looking for a way to fit back in and adjust your life after traveling? Here is my experience on how to overcome the challenge of not belonging to society anymore. ...

How to deal with unwanted attention while traveling? A go-to strategy for solo traveling women

Do you get unwanted attention while traveling solo as a woman? Here is a go-to strategy that will help you deal with unwanted attention while traveling. Apply these tips and get rid of guys hitting on you and make you ...

Overcome post-travel depression (Part 2): “Home” – Another stop during the beautiful journey called my life

Ever felt disconnected to the place you live or grew up? I know excactly how you feel. Read my story about seeing home in a different light, falling back in love with the place I live and overcoming another stage ...

Overcome post-travel depression (Part 1): What is post-travel depression? – An effective strategy to overcome it and grow

Are you having a hard time coming home after traveling? Do feel post travel depression consuming all your happiness? Here is an simple, effective strategy on how to overcome post travel depression and why you should take it as a ...

Backpack or suitcase – 3 simple backpacking tips to optimize your luggage that will make traveling easier

Having a hard time to decied whether you should travel with a backpack or suitcase? Well here I have some convincing arguments for and agains both. Plus you get three simple but effective tips on how to optimize your lagguage ...

4 awesome reasons to travel more – The positive impact of traveling on personal development

Have your ever wondered why certain people just seem to travel all the time? Well, it is the positive impact of traveling on your personal development that makes you want to travel more. Traveling is the ultimate tool to self ...

How to plan a trip? – A secret step to step guide to your dream vacation

Learn how to plan a trip. Planning a trip is hard, especially when it comes to surf trips. Here is a secret step to step guide on how to overcome stressful and unpleasant trip planning. Get back the fun and ...

5 ways to have more fun during long-haul flights – How to overcome your dislike for flying and make flying more convenient

Do you like flying? I mean not just the fact that you going to get somewhere exciting, but the procedure itself. Well if not, here are 5 ways which will improve the time in an airplane.

What is in my travel bag? – 6 travel essentials you should bring to have an awesome trip

What is in your travel bag? Sometimes more is less, especially when it comes to traveling. Here are 6 travel essentials, you should definitely bring.

7 awesome ways in which traveling changed my life and why everyone should travel after graduation

Not sure whether to travel after graduation or not? Here are 7 reasons you should and why traveling now is the best you can do for your future.

Costa Rica Pros and Cons – Why it’s woth visiting this Central American country

Do you want to travel to Costa Rica? Here are some Costa Rica pros and cons that will help you decide whether to go or not.

An easy trick to prevent post-travel depression – Keep the travel spirit up and stay positive

What if I tell you that this feeling is your plane ticket to happiness. There is a way how all of us can overcome the unsatisfying feeling of post travel depression. I am about to share with you a very ...

First impression university: My personal story of getting back into the daily life after traveling

First Impression: University. Here's what I've learned during my first semester at university. It will help you get back into daily life after traveling.

Three valuable things to take home from traveling that will improve your everyday

Are there things you learned while traveling that you wish to include in your everyday life? I found three things that taveling thought me that I found would improve my life and happiness. Read this and get to know the ...

Why you should travel solo and how it is the most beautiful thing you can do for yourself

Are you afraid to travel solo? You don' have to be. Here is why traveling solo is the most beautiful thing and how you can take it as a tool to grow.