Dreamlife coaching 1:1

Proximity. Authenticity. Connectedness.

This program is all about you, because you are the most important gift this world can get.

It’s time to practice new ways of living, new ways of doing, new ways of looking at yourself.

You think living your dream life would be easy.  I mean it’s just having a dream and taking action right?  Err, wrong.

You’ve been working on this dream for years, you spent all your time, energy and money on making it happen. You’ve sacrificed a lot, friends, hobbies and your inner peace to finally live that self-determined life you’re imagining for yourself. But no matter what you do, no matter how much you want it, it just doesn’t manifest itself for you.

You are tired, you are doubting your abilities, you are burned out and not enjoying life anymore. You are so afraid to fail that you’re scared to take action. You’ve lost your mojo, yourself, your happiness.

You know you’ve reached the point where something must change. You simply can’t do it on your own.

Through this powerful program, we’ll work together 1-2-1 with the right system, support and accountability to transform your life and find the right Mindset, goal setting strategy and mindfulness routine that works for you.

How it works:

Valuing yourself enough to invest in a one-to-one coaching relationship is one of the best gifts you can give yourself.

Nothing worth having comes easy.  I believe in long lasting change, and that doesn’t happen overnight. My ambition for you is to and have the clarity, confidence, and tools to transform your life and yourself.

Sometimes women don’t know what to do to change, but more often it’s that we’re stuck in a rut and don’t know how to get out of it. 80% of our thoughts we have every day, we had yesterday already and the day before as well. They determine our mental and physical state and influence our actions. Now imagine those thoughts are of negative nature. That would mean 80% of the thoughts you think every day, again and again are generating negative emotions, actions and outcomes.

That’s why we struggle to make positive changes that last. Even when the need for change is obvious and our intentions are strong, we often fall short because we need to change ourselves first to change our life.

The DreamLife program is designed to support you in moving beyond your present paradigm, liberating you from limited thinking and expanding possibility beyond your imagination. 

The Program

  • 6 week program
  • 1-to-1 coaching (1 Person)
  • Start: any time
  • 8x 45 min calls
  • 2x 15 min emergency calls
  • Unlimited email or text support
  • Notes from all sessions
  • Actionable templets, worksheets and homework to apply what you’ve learned
  • An optional in-depth 1 week self-discovery and goal setting workshop (extra cost)

What's included?

Totally customized and individual program but may include one or more of the following elements

  • Teaching you to do self-development and find out what you want, where you want to go and how you get there
  • Practices that help you grow, use your potential and manifest your goals/dreams
  • Tools and strategies to master fear, self-doubt and the imposter syndrome and find clarity and confidence within the unknown territory of your future
  • Coping tactics and strategies for more intentional and effective goal setting and time management
  • Accountability towards your goals and actions
  • Methods to surrender and choose happiness in every moment
  • Advice on mindfulness and mediation for more inner peace and happiness
  • Actionable solutions to your problems and struggles and strategies to face overwhelm with consciousness
  • Guidance on taking the right decisions and making the best choices for yourself and your life
  • Find peace and contentment with where you currently are while working towards where you want to be
  • Inspiration on where to start, what to do next and how to keep up the momentum
  • Sleep, recovery, nutrition and exercising advice for a better foundation to hustle
  • Self-care practices that help you feel comfortable in your skin
  • Tips on living a sustainable lifestyle to have a positive impact on the earth
  • Practices to take on a positive, growth oriented Mindset
  • Advice on how to build your own business
  • Advice on financial abundance and a positive money Mindset
  • Someone who has been where you are, understands how you feel and believes in you when you can’t
  • Lots of LOVE and POSITIVITY

By the end of this 6 weeeks you will have

  • Found happiness and started living a more fulfilled life
  • Developed a skillset to enhance excitement and transformation
  • Learned to use your potential and have a positive impact on this world
  • Ability to choose happiness and create holistic freedom to do whatever you want, whenever you want, wherever you want
  • Self-awareness, self-confidence and a compassionate relationship with yourself that will empower you to think and act differently
  • Gotten closer to your goals by making them achievable and setting them in a way that is more aligned with your purpose
  • Built productive habits and routines and a supportive environment for your actions to thrive
  • Generate momentum and start to experience life in its full beauty
  • Are prepared for the unknown and expanded possibility to live an independent, self-determined lifestyle
  • A positive, growth oriented Mindset and removed unhappiness from your life
  • More mindfulness and consciousness, inner peace and contentment
  • Clarity and confidence within the unknown territory of your future
  • Healthy balance between hustling and living for the ability to enjoy life NOW instead of working towards doing so in the future
  • Improved your physical health through establishing a healthy nutrition and exercise routine to help you feel good in your body and perform at your best
  • Courage, time and money to travel the world and enhance happiness and transformation

Are you ready to live up to your potential?

Schedule a no-cost discovery call to see if I am the right fit to help you do it.

Featured Program

Travel for Transformation

Traveling is the most life-changing thing you can do for yourself. It forces you to step out of your comfort zone, it makes you take on a different point of view and it lets you experience more joy and beauty than you ever imagined possible.

Traveling solo is such a brave thing to do. It brings you so much happiness and joy, you’d regret it for the rest of your life if you’d miss out on that chance.

I know for some women it is scary to take this step and travel the world, especially when they’re alone. That’s why I have the special offer for you to be your travel buddy.

In this special edition of the DreamLife Program I will guide you on your trips (not physically but emotionally). I’m there for you whenever it gets hard. I teach you how to travel the right way and prevent bad things from happening. And I help you use what you are experiencing on your trip to initiate and boost transformation within yourself and your life. Traveling for transformation means to not only experience the bliss of traveling but also to use it as a tool to live up to your potential and create the life you’ve always wanted.


Any questions? Here might be the answer.

“Investing in yourself is the best present you can give yourself.”

Tara Fischer