Dreamlife Academy Workshop

A fresh way to make sure you get it done.

Stop stressing and start achieving.

Are you struggling with finding a focus, not knowing what you want or where you want to go? Are you not achieving your goals or quitting just because it gets hard? Are you feeling stressed out and not enjoying life because you are constantly pressured by time or too high expectations?

Then it is time to take action and make a change. Gain awarnesess, find focus, strategize and prioritize, become productive, keep calm and stay positive.

And save time, money and energy to LIVE while you ACHIEVE.

What are you struggling with?

In my experience ambitious, enthusiastic free birds (like you) get stuck in on or all of the following dilemma.

Building Awareness

You want to live a self-determined life, change the world and be in control of your decisions. But you don’t know what that looks like or how to get there.

Creating Momentum

You know where you want to go, you have goals and dreams, but you struggle with getting started, staying committed or prioritize and taking productive actions.

Thinking Positive

You know what you want and you have an action plan. But something is holding you back from seeing results or being satisfied with your achievements. You find yourself doubting your abilities, fearing failure, feeling not being worthy enough to achieve or constantly stress about things you can't control.

Finding a Balance

You’re living your dream, you are achieving your goals and you love life with all ups and downs. But there’s still negativity. You’re can’t really enjoy this dream. You feel guilty for taking a break, you still want more and you find yourself waiting for something that’s to come in the future, to give you relief

  • Find out clarity and focus
  • Set achievable goals
  • Take action and manifest your dreams
  • Be more mindful and positive towards life and yourself
  • Start living a happier and healthier life
  • Build a supportive and uplifting environment for yourself

1 week is enough to

How it works:

Loving yourself enough to invest in your future and take this one step towards creating your dreamlife is the most special gift you can give to yourself.

Nothing worth having comes easy.  I believe in long lasting change, and that doesn’t happen overnight. My ambition for you is to and have the clarity, confidence, and tools to achieve your goals and create the life you imagine for yourself.

Achieving your goals takes strategy, commitment and patience. You can’t just take action without a plan, you can’t give up when it gets hard and you have to be patient with yourself and your actions. Achieving takes time, but with a good strategy and action plan, motivation and someone who holds you accountable, nothing can stop you from achieving.

The DreamLife Academy Workshop is designed to support you in finding out what you want, setting goals that are aligned with your life’s purpose, take effective action towards those goals and implement a more mindful and positive way of living so you can stop stressing and start enjoying life while you are working towards achieving your goals.

The Program

  • 1 Week Workshop
  • 1-10 People
  • 15h teaching through
  • Video Calls
  • Unlimited text/email support
  • Start date: upon request
  • Field Guide to Happiness (excluded, available via extra purchase)

What's included?

  • Goal setting and self-development planner part 1, 2, 4 + 1x part 3
  • Masterclasses in Seminar form (10 hours: 7 hours content + 3 hours questions)
  • Practical tools and templets to apply the learned
  • Handbook
  • Inspiration on where to start, what to do next and how to keep up the momentum
  • Nutrition and fitness advice for a better foundation to hustle
  • Practices to take on a positive, growth oriented Mindset
  • Insight into the DreamLife Secret and Happiness Goal Concept as foundation for a better hustle/life balance and more inner peace
  • Lots of LOVE and POSITIVITY

Time Table

  • Day 1: Part 1 + MC 1 + Part 2 + MC 2 (4-5h)
  • Day 2: Homework apply Part 1 + 2
  • Day 3: Part 3 + MC 3 (2-3h)
  • Day 4: Apply Part 3
  • Day 5: Part 4 + MC 4, 5, 6 (4-5h)
  • Day 6: Apply Part 4
  • Day 7: MC 7 + Questions (2h)

By the end of this 1 week you will

  • Know who you are (in the sense of feeling connected to your inner spirit), what makes you happy, what you want and where you want to go in life.
  • Have a clear vision about life and your dreams and find your place in this world
  • Have set goals that are aligned with your life’s purpose
  • Know how to achieve goals in a fun and energizing way, freed up time and created space for enjoyment
  • Reduced stress and increased joy
  • Taken action and created momentum by building supporting habits and routines and increasing productivity
  • Be more mindful and have a positive Mindset towards yourself and your goals
  • Overcome what is holding you back, found more peace and happiness with where you are currently and surrender to what happens
  • Learned to manifest and journal to generate momentum and positivity
  • Learned to reflect on yourself to become a higher self.
  • A supportive and uplifting environment to help you continue achieving

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Any questions? Here might be the answer.

“We all get lost sometimes, but the difference between getting lost and losing is whether or not you know how to find back.”

Tara Fischer