The DreamLife Project

Find your purpose. Unleash your potential. Create your DreamLife.

The DreamLife Project is a combination of programs based on the DreamLife Philosophy and Happiness-Goal Concept that togherther make the DreamLife Secret.

This Secret is the magical essence that helps you to live and create YOUR DREAM LIFE, a life full of happiness.

It is a bullet proof way to find your purpose, align your goals with your dreams and create that abundance and freedom you seek in life. It gives you a way to find more happiness within and create more Mindfulness without so you not only achieve what you set out to achieve but also have the room and space in life and within yourself to live this awesome life that you are gifted with.

Both, the DreamLife Philosophy and the Happiness-Goal Concept help you to unleash your potential and create habits, goals and the Mindset that will take you to where you want to be. With the Happiness-Goal Concept you get a strategy to set goals and build that are not only achievable but also set priorities and build habits and routines that will make every action count twice. It’s a totally new way of goal setting that focuses on Mindfulness and sustainability instead of hustle and exhaustion.

The DreamLife Secret is much more than a tool you use, it’s a lifestyle approach you adapt to find that bliss within yourself and your life. It gives you a lot of ways to cope with struggles and challenges in a positive way that’ll help you to keep your happiness even in darker times. It also gives you the consciousness you need to give yourself permission to rest and enjoy life, to forgive yourself for making mistakes and to be patient with life and your actions. Because a happy life is not about rushing. It’s about enjoying the process.

The DreamLife Secret focuses on triggering the three modalities of happiness:

Transformation. Excitment. Experience.


Happiness in life requires transformation because it prevents the world from standing still. It prevents you from standing still. We need change within ourselves and our life to boost inspiration, joy and motivation. If everything would always be the same we would get struck in mediocracy. We would constantly be controlled by our fears and struggles and we would also stop appreciating the good things as they become normal.

We need change in our lives to stay excited, inspired and motivated to live it to the fullest.


What is a life without excitement? For sure not a good life. We need excitement in our lives to push through setbacks and hard times, we need it to keep going. We need excitement to get up every day and enjoy life. We need something to look forward to that inspires us. And we need excitement to make stories we can tell, stories that are prove of happiness being part of our lives. We need excitement to find happiness. Happiness and excitement are one and the same.


No happiness in the world is worth having if you don’t create space and time to experience it. We need to experience life, failures, struggles, joy, love, excitement, everything, to truly know what it feels like to be happy. We need to experience life in its full beauty, we need to experience all that life has in store for us – good and bad – to create that lasting happiness.

Unleasing your potential would mean:

Transformation in form of

Practices that help you grow, use your potential and manifest your goals/dreams

Find clarity and confidence in the unknown territory of your future

Expanding possibility beyond your imagination

Holistic transformation within life and yourself – transformation of spirit, mind and body

A healthy, strong and confident body and self-care foundation for better performance

Excitment in form of

Getting up every day and live life to the fullest

Hustling and achieving your goals in a fun and energizing way

Enjoying life in a mindful and conscious way

Getting out there and explore this beautiful home that we are given

Doing what you want, when you want, where you want

Experience in form of

Experience that there is more to it than what you can see

Feeling balanced and at peace with where you are

Success on a mental, physical and emotional level

A life full of happiness and transformation

Creativity to live the life you’ve always wanted

Support and motivation from someone who knows how you feel/what you’re going through so you can focus and keep going

Life in Mindfulness and balance

Transformation through AWARENESS and MINDSET

Building awareness is how we can initiate transformation. We need to know a) our struggles, to overcome what is holding you back and b) our dreams and what we want, to go for it. Only by building awareness we can choose ways to transform our lives. Transformation, excitement and experience of happiness in life is all coming down to your Mindset. If your mind is in the right place, anything can happen and you can still enjoy it to the fullest. You learn to deal with struggles and challenges, you learn to appreciate, you learn to stay positive and accept everything that is coming your way as part of the journey towards your dream life.

Excitement through ACTION

Taking action towards your goals is a great way to keep up the excitement because action leads to inspiration and inspiration leads to motivation which leads to action. Working towards something you desire or towards overcoming limiting beliefs and initiate that transformation is such an amazing way to boost bliss as there’s nothing more beautiful to experience than getting closer to your dreams. Goal setting is key to make a change as it will help you strategize your actions and make them more outcome generating. That’s why we focus a lot on goal setting and productivity to not only enhance excitment but also make your actions profitable.

Experience through MINDFULNESS

Experiencing life is the most important thing to live happily. With out the space and time to enjoy and life the life that you’re creating for yourself, where’s the point in creating it in the first place? Many people think they’ll start living life once they achieved xyz, but I think that’s the wrong approach. Moment xyz will never come. There’ll be new things you want to achieve before you give yourself permission to live. So as you adapt the DreamLife Secret you will also adapt ways to be moree mindful and take care of your mind and body to be able to have the best experiences of life as it manifests all around you so you can enjoy life in the present moment and are able to   prevent missing out on living life and really find happiness and gratitude for this life you get to experience.

The DL project is the perfect way to get started. By focusing on all the above it has a holistic approach to implementing more happiness and generating momentum towards achieving your dreams. It is based on the DreamLife Secret which is a philosophy that helps you transform mind, body and spirit. It gives you a lifestyle that guarantees lasting happiness, freedom to do whatever you want, whenever you want where ever you want. It gives you the practices you need to expand, be successful and live a more fulfilled life.

There’s much more behind a DreamLife than what you can see.

Are you ready to live your DreamLife?

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A few more things that you might want to know about the DreamLife Project & the DreamLife Secret...

“Every DreamLife starts with happiness.”

Tara Fischer