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What really matters, the most beautiful things in life, cannot be created or achieved they can only be experienced! 

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Hi, I am Tara, holistic life coach, Dreamer and founder of Yourstoke and The DreamLife Project. I am a passionate surfer, traveler and creator. Over the course of the past 6 years I designed life according to my means. I explored the world and worked on what I call the 5 facets of change, which are foundation of any DreamLife: Awareness, Mindset, Mindfulness, Health and Strategy.

After experiencing the bliss, growth and momentum you get from doing what you love, I founded The DreamLife Project, a holistic life coaching brand through which I help likeminded people to overcome stuckness and limitations and become their best selves, gain emotional, mental and physical freedom and create a life they don’t need a vacation from.

But because coaching and mentoring people wasn’t enough to fulfill my purpose and the desire to bring what changed my life the most, Surfing and Traveling, closer to people as well I decided to found another brand and business called Yourstoke. Yourstoke is a surf & travel company focused on providing unforgettable experiences and moments that matter while at the same time enabling people to enjoy the wonders of different cultures and take their surfing to the next level.

My range of services goes from 1:1 coaching programs, group coaching, on demand courses, books, and more over developing amazing brands and business to taking people out there on the best surf and travel tour they’ve ever been on whilst teaching them all they need to know about nature, mindfulness and living sustainable.

In everything I do, I am dedicated to bringing more love and positivity by helping people overcome their mental, physical and emotional limitations and gain freedom and momentum towards the life they want and enable them to improve their quality of life and experience life in the most amazing and rewarding way possible.

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I believe every day is a new opportunity for each one of us to learn, become better self and make our dreams come true. Each day you can make the choice to create a life full of bliss – from within and without. The question is, what is your choice?​

Experiences I offer

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Coaching & Mentoring

Explore the beautiful range of 1:1, group programs and workshops Tara has put together to help you expand.

Guided Surf & Travel Tours

Check out my surf & travel tours that bring you unforgettable moments and an experience beyond imagination.

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Visit Taras Youtube Channel and explore all the free content and lessons on how to expand your quality of life.

DreamLife Podcast

Check out the DreamLife Podcast where we have amazing conversations on all things holistic wellbeing.



Visit my blog to get all the help and advice you need on how to create your DreamLife.

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"We want to explore, connect and make a difference. We're doing things that fulfil us and motivate us to learn, grow and live life to the fullest, while giving our best to bring more health and happiness to every place and person that crosses our path!”


Everything in life is connected. We are all connected and that is why I believe that by making one person or place happier at a time I can make a huge difference.

In everything I do I explore, connect, inspire.

I pledge to leave every place and person better, more passionate, motivated and excited than you found it.

I pledge to leave every place and person better, healthier, happier and more inspired than you found it.

I pledge to leave every place and person better, more open, kind and grateful than you found it.

I help you fall in love with life and have the best most amazing experience of it, while at the same time inspiring you to learn, grow and become the best version of yourself and create a life you don’t need a vacation from. 

The goal is simple: to get you stoked, make you fall in love with life and motivate you to get out there and learn, have fun and be better whilst helping you build a life based on dreams, inspired by growth and lived with passion.

To inspire people to learn, grow and change something in their lives. To motivate them to live on a higher vibration.

What people say

Before my first session with Tara I was struggling with making decisions, controlling my emotions while in a heated discussion. I also found myself stuck with some career decisions, which I for some reasons couldn’t solve myself. Tara helped me to find a way to decide for what I really want. And together we found solutions to many problems, including my over-enthusiastic way of having debates as well as my professional doubts and struggles. The best thing about being coached from Tara is, that she forces you to figure it out yourself. She doesn’t just give you the solutions. She instead lets you think about what really matter to you and through this helps you figuring out what you have to do next. Tara’s coaching, will help you to find a pragmatic and sustainably way to solve your problems, but not only for now, she also prepares you well, so that you will be able to solve your problems alone in the future.
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I especially liked being able to talk to you so openly and that you nudged me in the right direction instead of giving me the answer already. So I thought about it myself and was able to internalize it much more. I had lost my structure and why and wasn’t as intentional and focused with my actions anymore. But this program helped me to come up with a plan and get motivated again. It helped me to reconnect with my why and find new focus. What I loved most though was that Tara helped me to find the right direction again and how well she listened to me thought out the whole session. So, whenever you don’t know what to do or how to continue, go seek help from Tara. She’s got a lot of experience and knowledge and will give everything to help you out.
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When I was 12, I had a dream. I wanted to travel the world, I wanted to be the best surfer I can possible be, I wanted to inspire people and I wanted to give something back. 12 years ago, I decided to make this dream come true. I chose to do whatever it takes to get to where I want to be. I chose to give my best every day and battle those beast that I might face along the way. I was almost there. I had gotten a glimpse on what it felt like to live this dream. But life happened. 7 years later. I found myself at the lowest point in my entire life. I struggled. And I struggled hard. But reminding myself that I am in control of my life, that I am the one deciding how things are getting done and reminding myself of how powerful I am and reconnecting with my vision of where I want to go gave me enough drive to pull myself up and fight those demons. Every day ever since I am choosing positivity. I’m choosing love and compassion. I’m choosing to give my best and to challenge whatever gets in my way.

I admit. It’s not always easy. It takes a lot of will power, being brutally honest with myself and incredible trust and belief in myself and my journey.

But it’s life. It’s an adventure. And it’s worth going on every single day. 

If this speaks to you, I want to invite you to finally start your adventure. To start creating a life based on your dreams, to start growing past your limiting beliefs, to face those fears and to challenge everything that holds you back from living it with passion. You are here for a reason and this reason might be that your time has come to finally step up for yourself and create a life full of happiness from within and without.

If you feel ready to change your life and become the happiest, healthiest, most intentional and successful version of yourself, I promise we’re going to have an amazing time together.​

I’m a huge believer that possibilities are limitless, that happiness comes from within and that we can all create the life we desire to live. I believe it… simply because I just did it. I believe we can all become who we truly are and make our dreams come true by having faith and taking action.

I’ve experienced the results of creating inner space, shifting my mindset and adapting an effective hustle life balance first hand and I feel stoked to show you how to do it yourself. You see, I believe in the power of positive thinking, intrinsic motivation & the power of action.

I believe that true lasting happiness and the feeling of success is being mindful. Happiness emerges out of balance of living and achieving, balance of doing and being, between pushing yourself and being kind and holding back, balance between being strong and allowing yourself to feel. And that’s why I dedicated myself to helping other people find that balance within everything they do and how they live life and thus create lasting happiness.

I have committed myself 5 years ago to show up and remind my fellow friends out there of how amazing life is and how desperately we need to start living it – and my mission is to not stop until YOU and everyone that believes has created the happiest and healthiest life for themselves.

This journey of becoming your best self and creating your dream life requires deep inner work, and that’s what I am here to do for you; to guide you on your journey, cheer you up when life feels hard and constantly remind you of the potential and power you hold within yourself.

Transformation always requires a process of being open & letting go to make space for the NEW, the BETTER!
Once you have left behind what was holding you back, discovered how to think differently and choose happiness every day, you are ready to live life to the fullest.

Because fact is: You are powerful. You can achieve anything you want. You are worthy. And you are in control of how you react to life. It is within your power to choose how you feel and how you design your reality. 

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Happiness is a Choice.​

But sometimes making this choice is hard. When life decides to mess up your plan it’s easy to give in to negative thoughts, self-doubts and fear.
Then we need someone to help us make this choice.
Klick the button and discover my free tools that I specifically created to help you gain more awareness, happiness and momentum.

And when you realize things are too easy, unfold too nicely and feel to natural, then you know you are exactly where you need to be, you’re living the dream!

Living your dream or living life in general shouldn’t be hard. Life is a gift. It should be fun. Life should be about doing what you love, loving yourself and enjoying every moment of every second. Doing what you love is meant to feel good and come easy. Life is there to be lived! there is so much more out there to experience and we all deserve to live life to the fullest.

“Be part of an adventure. Build a life based on dreams, inspired by growth and lived with passion.”