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I believe dream lives aren’t fluke or good luck, they are created. I believe life doesn’t happen to us, but we create the life and reality we experience. And it all starts with having faith and taking action.

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Hi, I am Tara!

Founder of Tara Fischer – Coaching for Performance, Change & Well-Being is a lifestyle brand and coaching business focused on positive thinking, sustainable success and mindful living.

I am a brand manager, mentor and coach, certified by the International Coaching Federation as a Certified Professional Coach (CPC). Furthermore, I hold a EFT/TFT Practitioner, Personal Fitness Coach, Nutritionist, Guided Imagery Practitioner and Surf Coach Certification and a Bachelor of Science in Sports and Health, as well as a Master Degree in Marketing, Branding and Merchandising.

My range of services reaches from coaching on personal growth, mental health, goal setting, mindfulness and health, over developing amazing personal and professional brands with purpose, drive and authenticity, to mentoring people on lifestyle design, mindfulness, work-life balance, success and happiness. All whilst inspiring people around the world to live a happier and healthier life and make their own dreams come true.

I support some of the most amazing, highly ambitious human beings who are ready to overcome their limitations, mentally and physically, and desire to fearlessly go after their dreams, get happier, healthier and more effective and create a life full of meaning, momentum, happiness & balance.

I help people who are stuck, get unstuck by creating opportunities for change, growth and healing. Every person working with me gets the love and attention she so desperately needs to evolve and move past her current limitations.

I believe in human potential. I believe you are powerful. You can achieve anything you want. You are worthy. And you are in control of how you react to life. It is within your power to choose how you feel and how you design your reality. So I founded Tara Fischer – THLC 5 years ago with the mission to unleash your (super)powers and help you be more intentional, powerful and positive and thus, get happier, healthier and more effective in how you live and approach life. Ever since then I have inspired hundreds of people to go out there and chase their dream as well as coached a fair amount of individuals towards becoming their highest selves and living life to their own means.

Imagine a life without limitations. A life full of dreams, joy and momentum. A life you don’t need a vacation from.

A world where everyone can be whoever they want to be… I focus on bringing personal transformation, happiness, balance, meaning and momentum to people and their way of life – becoming your best self and chasing your dreams is empowering, exciting and transformational!

6 years ago, I went traveling the world, surfing amazing waves and started living my dream. Through traveling and surfing it was that I experienced the beauty of life and the present moment and fell in love with it. I got so stoked on the incredible feeling of bliss, confidence and confidence you get when you step out of your comfort zone, stay conscious and do what you love the most. I wanted to keep that feeling alive for as long as possible and find ways to integrate it into my everyday life, so I started to learn about self-development and inner work. The more I engaged with it the more I saw the amazing positive impact not only on my mental health but also on my performance and overall experience of life. Because of all that love and gratitude I developed for life and the importance I see in mental health and personal development I wanted to make this transformation and joy available for others too. I had this dream. A dream of limitless freedom & possibilities. A dream of protecting what I love, make this lifestyle permanent and bring its bliss to others. My goal became to explore, connect and inspire, to leave every place and person happier, healthier and more inspired. So, I started my inner growth journey towards my best, happiest, most fulfilled self. I started stepping out of my comfort zone, started believing in myself and taking action. I got a coaching certificate and sport and management education to provide best service to people. Ever since then I am living my best life, continue to grow and enjoy this present moment in its wholeness.

Of course throughout my time living my dream I experienced ups and downs. A few years ago I got to the point where I was stuck. I lost faith in myself because I wasn’t seeing the results. I hadn’t really done what I believe I could do. I knew I had more within me than I was showing and that’s when I started being so hard on myself and so focused on succeeding. That’s when I started having doubts and worries and also put so much pressure on myself. I had a lot of setbacks and failed in keeping up with my lifestyle (traveling, studying and making money at the same time). I failed with my fitness and with the relationship (I failed I’m what I believed I could do, I had to go home again I was broke and had no perspective because I had bad grades in university, and studied the wrong thing) and that made me loose trust in myself. I stopped believing in myself.

But for me giving up was never an option. I knew I just had to step back and reconnect with who I deep down inside of me know I could be. I had to find a new way of doing things. And that’s where the DreamLife Secret, the foundation of all my work, comes in. I went back to the roots and reconnected with myself and started to rebuild myself and my life from within.  And that’s where I’m at now. Life is still not perfect nor will I ever have another setback or moment of doubt. But now I know how to cope with it. I have created inner space for myself to push through such times without losing faith. I’ve got trust again and that’s all I need to keep going. I learned to master my mind and establish grit, will power and intrinsic motivation. I found a greater purpose that helps me come back stronger every time I fall.

Knowing deep down that I can do anything and overcome everything, I was driven to become the best version of myself, face my fears and insecurities and step up to live the life I am meant to live.
This one choice, that we can all make, reminded me of how much I am in control of my reality and how powerful I am when I only learn to control of my mind.

Over the past 6 years I created the tools and techniques I need to:

  • Stay in complete alignment with who I am and where I’m at 
  • Stay true to myself and my lifestyle 
  • Keep my mind in the right place and not let myself get affected by negative thoughts and emotions 
  • I know what my purpose is in life and every goal I have and action I take serves this cause
  • I feel good about myself and my life every single day and know that where I am is exactly where I need to be
  • I have the calm and the patience to live life slow and really take it all in 
  • And most importantly, I am no longer controlled by my feelings or thoughts but I am in control of them and that gives me time money and energy to finally live the life I’m blessed with not just half heartedly but with all my heart and soul. 

It’s been a journey worth experiencing. 6 years of dedication, focus and passionate work enabled me to become the person I have always wanted to be and live the live that I’ve always imagined living. And here’s the beauty of it all: you can do exactly the same.

You’ve got the power to create your reality.

Life is an adventure. Life is like traveling a journey and that means, happiness and success can never be achieved like a goal. They’re not a final destination nor is your DreamLife or your best self. 

My mission now is to enable people to create a live full of happiness, a life they don’t need a vacation from, a life where you can do what you want, when you want and wherever you want. My mantra is to live beyond limitations and is based on thinking differently and establishing emotional, mental and physical freedom as platform to make dreams come true instead of following the norm. My methodology is based on the following, we have consistent coaching sessions in which I help you get unstuck and move forward with greater clarity, momentum and purpose. Through the awareness and strategy established in our coaching relationship you will find your purpose, master your mind, nurture your soul, train your body and achieve your goals and thus live a happier and more fulfilled life.  

I believe that happiness and being your best self isn’t about reaching a certain point, it’s about making that choice every day to learn, to grow, to be happy. And I realised that more people have to see this. They need to see that there is so much more happiness right in front of them, that they’re so much love and beauty in ever thing. In every moment.
I promised myself to make this world a healthier and happier place to live in by helping others take this step and create the freedom they imagine for themselves. Real change starts with you becoming you who truly are. Because we need to be our most unique and authentic selves to bring happiness and joy into this world.

I show you how awesome life can be if you do what you love and just let it happen. I create and open up ways that make you thrive that make you want to go out there and explore, learn and grow. While helping you connect and transform mind, body and spirit to feel, perform and be your best.

The question is, are you ready to become that person you are meant to be?


Surfing has always been my greatest motivation. From my first splash of stoke when I was 12, I knew deep down that there was more out there for me to experience…more places to explore, more waves to surf, more joy to experience, different ways to live, deeper connections to make…I had this dream of living at the beach and being able to surf every single day.

My heart told me to go, and so, I did.
I travelled the world for 6 years, went to places like Australia, Hawaii, Central America, Bali and South Africa and surfed amazing waves while at the same time studying sports science and teaching people how to surf. Traveling became my vehicle for change, the ocean my sanctuary and together it became the bliss and power that drives my every doing. After experiencing what it meant to live life to the fullest and experience your dreams come true, I knew I must enable other people to do this too. So, I did, I not only made sure I was continuing to live this dream life of mine but also sharing the stoke with all around the world. When I put my mind to something, nothing can stop me. I make sure it’s gonna happen.
Which, in this case, meant working hard, saving up a decent amount of money, getting my coaching business started and continuing to explore the world on the search for perfect waves.

I want to make this world a happier and healthier place to live in and show case a way to have the best, most amazing experience of lifeMy dream is to transform peoples lives, create new ways of living and bringing authenticity, courage and confidence to this world through leaving every place and person happier, healthier and more inspired. How? In everything I do I connect, inspire and transform. When I share how I live I want to show people the beauty and potential that is out there. All the happiness that is everywhere in everything, right in front of them, and the happiness that especially surfing and traveling gave and continue giving me every day. I want people to fall in love with life like I did and see all the amazing opportunities and the limitless potential that is out there for them to experience and create an extraordinary life around. 

I am here to guide you along the way to a life full of happiness, fulfilment & balance. We will take you from other-directed, lost, unfocused, overwhelmed, stuck, stressed out, restless and unhappy with life to self-determined, confident, self-aware, balanced, peaceful, focused and more blissful.

Through my coaching, products and services I enable people to make dreams come true and offer individuals sustainable, more joyful ways to do this by:

  • Transform people and lives, which means bringing joy, change and contentment to people
  • Unlock potential which means enabling to use the potential that’s within all of us, inspiring you to change perspective and live life differently
  • Improve experiencewhich means bringing purpose, drive and authenticity to the way you live life and motivating you to go for what they want
  • Boost excitement which means introducing a new way of hustling and living to the world that is more mindful, sustainable and effective and challenging to see the good in everything and think positive
  • Improve performance which means making goal achieving easier and more effective
  • and much more…

I believe in human potential. I believe you are powerful. You can achieve anything you want. You are worthy. And you are in control of how you react to life. It is within your power to choose how you feel and how you design your reality. My mission is to unleash your (super)powers and help you be more intentional, powerful and positive and thus, get happier, healthier and more effective in how you live and approach life. This in turn will enable you to experience mental, emotional and physical freedom and create a live you don’t need a vacation from.

If you’ve ever felt you can do more, deserve more or be more, let me help you to move past your current paradigm and live beyond limitations.

Life is there to believed! Time is the most important thing you have, use it wisely. Busy is a decision that you make. You are in control of how you design your life. Dream lives aren’t fluke or coincidence they are created. And you know, there is so much more out there to experience and we all deserve to live life to the fullest. So what are you waiting for?

Training & Experience

  • Bachelor of Science in Sport Science at Technical University Munich
  • Certified Personal Trainer by Technical University Munich
  • Certified Surf Coach by VDWL
  • Certified Nutritionist by Academy of Sports and Health Munich
  • Certified EFT Practitioner by CTAA and the Priority Academy
  • Certified Guided Imagery Practitioner
  • Certified Professional Coach by WCI and ICF

I am also currently doing my Masters’ Degree in Marketing, Branding and Merchandising at MIA University Barcelona.

My approach in Coaching

I have a holistic approach, which means I focus on the person as a whole, all areas of life, and support people in changing on a personal, spiritual and strategical level, and thus, transform their lives. My main focus lies in combining the law of attraction with the scientific foundation of neural science and plasticity as well as the power of conscious action and with the power of intention.

MY COACHING PHILOSOPHY embodies autonomy, compassion, creativity, proximity and sustainability (update)
THE Awareness created in COACHING results in TRANSFORMATIONAL CHANGE. To me the most important thing is to NOT tell you what you should do, but help you find out for yourself. Because only when the solution comes from inside you, it is truly sustainable and effective. I am not thee one to tell you how you should do things or live your life. I am the one guiding and helping you to find the right direction and support you in any way I can. “To inspire to learn not teaching to do.”

What people say

Working with Tara was an amazing experience. She has wisdom beyond her years and has a welcoming, easy flow to her approach as a coach. She always comes up with the absolute best questions to really get me thinking on a deeper level. Tara is as authentic as they come and really wants to help others succeed. You can feel that energy in every session you have with her...it makes you want to come back for more!
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Tara is a wonderful coach and I thoroughly enjoyed my experience with her. Tara is kind, compassionate, intelligent and has a well structured approach to problem solving. She whipped me in to shape to organise the technology side of my business which is something I’ve been dreading for over a decade. I highly recommend, without hesitation, booking a program with Tara!
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If you ever felt like you need to do it alone, we need to talk!

Working with me means proximity, true, amazing relationships. It means form the moment you choose to step engage with me you can count on me, limitless. I am the one who believes in you when you can’t and I am the one that supports you endlessly.

And not just that, my mission is to make change and awareness available to everyone, any time. So besides holding space for you to become the person you truly are and move towards more intention, power and positivity in your life, you will learn to hold space for yourself in everyday situations to keep the momentum going.

So, if you are aiming to become one of those „lucky ones “, that gets to live a life full of dreams and happiness, let’s work together and get your life transformed! 

  • Learn to master your mind: stay stoked on life no matter what and experience the power of positive thinking and believing in yourself
  • Learn to nurture your spirit: be more mindful and intentional within everything you do, say and think and thus, generate a better, more positive and more sustainable outcome.
  • Learn to improve their strategy: get more productive create momentum towards living your best life. Because true success comes from doing what you love with motivation and inspiration and momentum is the most powerful thing one can have when it comes to enjoying the process and paving the way towards the life they want
  • Learn to nurture your body: love yourself, put yourself first and take care of yourself and be able to show up to whatever life asks from you
  • Learn to create awareness: find your fulfilment and a direction in life that gives you meaning and purpose, learn to reflect and see where change is needed to keep growing

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A few more things that you might find interesting about me...​

I suffered from perfectionism ever since I am a teenager. Self-development and Mindset work however helped me to overcome most of the perfectionistic beliefs and habits that were holding me back from achieving and I can now use my aim to produce quality outcome without standing in my own way.

I had so many moments where I looked in the mirror and hated myself. I was never enough, never did enough or had enough. I always wanted to be in control of things, and if I weren’t that freaked me out. I couldn’t love myself for who I was and where I was. This very typical trait of perfectionism lead to serious mental health problems, eating restriction and physical fatigue. Luckily I cut the corner just early enough to not lose my happiness, health or momentum towards my actual dreams.

My interest in fitness and health back in my teens motivated me to start studying sports science. Despite that I don’t want to work in this field, the knowledge that I gained through my studies helps me a lot to give professional advice on mental and physical health, which both is foundation to a happy and fulfilled life.

Ever since I graduated high school I’ve been traveling the world. I’ve been only home whenever I needed to make money or write exams at university. I’ve travelled over 20 countries with the age of 24 and don’t intend to stop.

Before I started having my own lifestyle transformation and performance coaching I worked part time as a surf instructor whenever I was at the beach. Surfing is my passion and I love nothing more than teaching people about my passions. Btw. same goes for what I teach here. I am so passionate about happiness that it feels a must to help people find some too.

Health and fitness has always been one of my main areas of interest. That’s why back in 2016 I decided to take my personal trainer and nutritionist license. I’ve always known that physical health plays a huge role when it comes to one’s happiness and overall performance in life. So, I am excited to bring my transformation within peoples live through those skills and knowledge.

I’ve always been a peoples’ person and I love all of them. I’m never angry or holding a grudge because I simply think life is too short and to amazing to spend it with any negative feelings. I am all about chatting, connecting and sharing love and positivity all around this planet, because seriously there are so many amazing human beings out there and we can all learn and inspire each other.

Back when I started traveling I got into writing by setting up my own travel blog. After a few years, I experienced how much impact I had on people through my post. So, I continued sharing my experiences, thoughts and knowledge through my writing. I got to love it so much that I even published my own books about self-development, Mindset and Traveling. You can find them in my shop.

Cooking is one of my long-time passions and I love nothing more than a home cooked, delicious and healthy meal. Back in the days, when I dedicated most of my time to cooking and exploring new recipes and nutrition forms, I wrote my own cookbook. Just for fun.

There are only a few copies left, but I am planning on realizing a new one very soon. Sign up to my newsletter to stay up to date.

I love watching people and analysing their behaviours and thoughts. And there is nothing more fulfilling for me than helping people. That’s why coaching as a profession for me was the perfect fit. I can help people through my knowledge and awareness that I build by watching them and their behaviours. I can use my skills to change their lives and impact them in a positive way.

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The power of the impossible

The Ocean (always)
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“Happiness is a choice you make and a lifestyle you develop.”